Could any of you help me please?


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Bryan has been kind enough to give me his permission to post this request. :notworthy

May I ask a huge favour from my fellow forumites.

Could you please help me share
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for me wherever you deem appropriate.

Unfortunately my Facebook and twitter are so limited, so I'm worried it won't reach anyone.

Anyone who can help me share it, would be really helping much appreciated.

Thank you so much everyone!

Susan :thumbsup:
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Thank you everyone for the PM messages. Put the details back on post. Thanks Bryan for letting me share this.



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Can I add some context to this. If everyone who has added a winners screenshot over the life of that thread donates 0.75p, that will take the funds over the required amount. Not a lot to ask to save a lifetimes memories.


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Bless you cncas123 and thank you.

Jasmine has been in touch with me :notworthy and offered a huge amount of ideas and information which I am looking into now. In the mean time I have been offered a £600 cheaper quote for the same size unit and still local so accessible to my dad, which is a massive relief.

There is a combined total of 146 years of their life in that flat - to just let go is too much for me let alone my dad. The only thing my dad has let go of was her eternity and engagement rings which he gave to me, but her wedding ring he had professionally melted down together with his ring to make a new one which he will never take off. I can not tell you how much this broke my heart.

Anyway - Thank you everyone for sharing and caring. It means a lot. :notworthy