coral's continuing slots revamp


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May 8, 2018
south east england
Not sure if this is worthy of a thread but couldn't really add it anywhere, probably only of interest to players who frequent the uk bookie sites for slots

Just logged in tonight to Coral to see they've now added PLAY N GO slots, I'll have to check the rtp mind you...

added to netent and novos, they're now offering quite a broad choice of games whereas before it was mainly a playtech paradise :rolleyes:

I wonder if ladbrokes will also add play n go, and their sectioned off 'games' section needs diy or scrapping, seems to be an odd mixture of games, and many of the novos require flash and don't open, there used to be loads of slots in that section like secret of the stones, jatb, evolution, creaure from the black lagoon iirc etc...

Whereas now in their main 'slots' section they've got some working novos in html and netent.

Corals is ahead atm although one thing they don't allow is for you to 'favourite' a game whereas ladbrokes does, so you have to rely on your recently played list for 'go to' slots, bit of a pain really and surprised they haven't spotted it.

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