coral/eurobet erases player logs


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
i have played well in excess of the winning requirement for my eurobet bonus this month yet i havent had it credited.

ive played 3 times this month, on the 1st,12th, and today

a quick look at my player records show that all my transactions for 1st have been erased, thus my total wagering for the month is now below the WR.

what is even more disturbing & annoying, is that the coral/eurobet software has the function to give you a player profile summary for your entire history at the casino, including win % for each game.

for both coral and eurobet i was showing in excess of 10% losses on both accounts for baccarat with a total hand history of approx 5000 hands

i was planning to post these up on here, sadly they have now been erased and in fact the function has now been disabled
I've had my own runins with Chartwell; currently I'd say my results are acceptable in terms of return, but the gameplay is flat out ridiculous. The penultimate time I played Eurobet, I lost 26 units out of 50 wagered - pushing 4 SDs - and requested game logs. I got no response, but wasn't going to waste my time perusing it - on a previous occasion, the software fella had to manually put my logs together, or so he claimed.

I regard Chartwell as a blackjack slot machine. I've certainly given up looking for a fair game, and frankly don't give a stuff - it's easier on the blood pressure.
Hi Scrollock and Caruso

I'm sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your play at Coral Eurobet.

I have been in contact with Coral Eurobet on your behalf (Brand Conversions represent Coral Eurobet amongst other casino/poker clients) and they have tried to look into this matter for you. However, without your account name or number it is very difficult for them to look into things in detail. If you would like Coral Eurobet to further their investigations, please could you get in touch with their customer services team or alternatively contact me and I will put you in touch with the relevant department.

I hope we can sort this out for you soon.

Kind regards

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