Coral Casino - backward steps in 'responsible gaming' ?!?!


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Apr 3, 2015
I have had a Coral Casino account for a while and apart from the slots (I do like the Marvel progressive games and White Knight), I liked their responsible gaming controls.

However, I have now (eventually*) closed my account for the following reasons:

1) There was an option to lock withdrawals and not allow withdrawal reversals - this option has now gone. I also noted my withdrawal request was taking longer to get processed.

2) If you set say a £100 per month deposit limit and max out on day 1, you can change your monthly limit to say £300 and it becomes operational in 24 hours. What's the point in having a £100 per month limit if it can be increased in just 24 hours?!?!? Many, if not all, other casinos would bring the new limit into effect after the month has passed.

3) If you want a TAB or SE, you have to e-mail them and they will hopefully respond in 24 hours. Not much help if you are on tilt and want it addressed immediately!

* I say eventually as I asked for my account to be closed on 23rd October 2016. They duly responded with a copy and pasted reply from CS, but account was kept open. Yep, I managed to deposit, play games and lose. Not a big issue, but could be a huge issue for someone on tilt and needing their account closed without delay.

I openly admit that once in a while I ignore my monthly budget and on this occasion it was with Coral, but it shouldn't have been, especially after asking for my account to be closed. I contacted them again today (also copied in another department at Coral) and it has now been closed (not SE'd).

I fully appreciate the above sounds like a moan at losing some money and that I was irresponsible - it isn't intended that way. I am respectful of Responsible Gaming controls and fear that Coral has slipped on this despite all their comments for Responsible Gaming throughout the site, hence why I opted to close my account. I have moments of wanting a bigger than normal session, so only fair I act responsibly to stop/minimise this in future. I have accounts at several other casinos and enjoy being in control of my account, but feel this control is lacking at Coral. Shame, but the right decision for my own peace of mind.


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Jan 28, 2016
Live chat and email support has been outsourced to (I believe) the Philippines a few months ago. They are shit poor, have no idea whatsoever about anything they are doing and are by far the worst customer service you will ever deal with.

You are better off ringing them where the staff are UK based and the majority do know what they are doing.


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Mar 21, 2012
I would not know about the SE as do not use, But if collins right and they have out side support I believe thats breaks the rules for accredit site, I believe they have to be in hose support

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