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Oct 29, 2008
South Africa
I'm from South Africa and found that Cool Hand poker is the worst possible site to play at. When I opened my account South Africa was on the list to state where I'm from with registration. With South Africa being on the list, I assumed that they allow players from here since online play is allowed in South Africa. When I claim my prices, I'm refused my payout and my account closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me sick about these kind of sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just shows you how many people they are conning out of there money and prices!!!!!!! May Cool hand Poker die in peace!!!!
I suggest you try our Pitch a Bitch service.

Once you fill out the Pitch-A-Bitch form I will have the details I need to send a formal complaint to them.

If they do not respond satisfactorily to the complaint they will receive a Casinomeister Warning. If that still doesn't prompt them into action then they will be added to the Rogue Pit so that other players will see that they are not to be trusted.

The Pitch-A-Bitch service is free of charge to all members. I hope you will find it suitable to your needs.

Max Drayman, Player Grievance Manager
UPDATE: Player did submit a PAB, it was incomplete ... and I misplaced their response to my "more info" email. The PAB has now been completed and submitted.
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I've been playing in the Cool Hand freerolls quite a bit recently and doing ok there. I just requested a withdrawal and it was paid to my Neteller a/c in 36 hours.

Apr 21 01:39 - 800.00 USD Accepted

I am v satisfied with them.

No disrespect to you or Cool Hand, but you are a player in the UK, as opposed to South Africa.

Witknight, maxd is an expert negotiator. If the casino is on the up and up and you are too, I'm sure he'll help set it straight. Please take his advice to PAB, your best chance at getting your money, IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Best of luck to you, and be sure to read the PAB rules.
Thanks for the kind words Jaz, much appreciated.

As it happens the OP's PAB was successfully resolved late last November.

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