Cool Hand Poker Casino Fraud


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Jun 3, 2010
I was playing Blackjack on 31st of May after the cards wered dealt there was a glitch/lag that cause me to press stand at 12 showing. I lost 1kUSD because of these "glitches" The casino insists it was the "bandwidth" but the bar showed the bandwidth was excellent. They refused to refund my money and said it was my ISP's fault. This "glitch" has happened many time before but this is the first time I lost 1k USD to it
Those playing casino in Cool Hand Poker becareful. They might not be as "legit" as they claim
Woah that really sucks to lose out on 1k because of a glitch! They should definitely help you out with this, especially if it really wasnt your fault.

I would be persistent and i'm sure they will help eventually. You know what they say,

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil"
This kind of glitch that cost players too much (yeah, 1k USD is too much! ) should be put on notice board like the one at
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most especially when you report it to them and got neglected because of this and that (vague reasons).

Let's all have a legit and safe casino experience!

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