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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Can anyone tell me if Cool Cat Casino is OK to play at.
I know it is RTG and offers decent bonuses but thats about all.
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Hi Rusty, My experience with them is that you can play for hours using the large bonuses which is cool if you simply enjoy playing. They have restrictions on cashing out (10X your deposit amount), and lots of other T & C's that require careful reading. After all that, you will (in my experience) get paid if you manage to meet the wager requirements (20X d&b for slots) but the payout process is quite long, up to 3 weeks if I recall, and you do not want to deposit using a coupon while any withdrawals are pending. This could void your winnings. Most of the staff are very nice however, deal with Victoria if you require anything other than basics. There is a lot of info on this site about them (most negative) and they are currently on probation here. That said, I play there for the hours of entertainment. Things seem to have improved with them but I have read of others who strongly dissagree. Being in the US, they can only pay out using either Western Union or Overnight Check which are only issued twice monthly. (Why do they call it Overnnight ?) and both have costs associated with them. $50 for the check, I do not know about W.U. fees. Tread slowly, read everything and good luck!
I agree with Cynthia's post in general. Offer good bonuses but make sure you read ALL Ts & Cs first as I think any minor misdemeanour would be used to void any winnings if you did win.

I played once and won well off of a bonus. Took me a couple of weeks to get paid after daily contact with customer support and a few lies/stalling tactics. Won't be returning in a hurry.

If a casino is offering something that looks too good to be true there are probably good reasons why they need this to attract players.

Would say that there are many casinos out there who you'd probably be better off sticking to.
used to play there long ago. they were the only rtg where you could double down on multi hand vp. cashed out often but a slow process. dont play anymore since i have heard too many nightmare stories.
Many thanks all.
I think I will swerve this one.
Anyway enjoying my time with grand virtual Casinos at the mo and very happy with them.
It was just that I received an email offer and as I rarely play ~RTG I was considering giving it a go.
Thanks again.
I've played at them several times. I'm a big fan of bonuses, and they offer a lot. But man, there are some issues.

First, payment is epically slow. At least two weeks before a cashout is processed to something "fast" like neteller or click2pay. More often 3 weeks or a month. Sometimes gentle prodding is required.

The terms and conditions regarding bonuses are laborious. I think a law degree would honestly help. You'll need to read through about 4 different sections many times until you get a handle on it.

Many of the bonuses will "trap" you into a nearly assured money losing situation if you're not exactly sure on the details of the various combinations.
I wouldnt advise playing at Cool Cat.. they are part of the Bet Royal Casino family and have a huge history of major problems with customers like threats and also slow payment of winnings...

My advice, if you like RTG go to Bodog or Main Street
bet royal is playtech now, and i am waiting for over 3000 in cashouts there. i think their pontoon is rigged in the player's favour :p

i did a 100% bonus on 200, made wr and cashout for 869 including comps. a week later, i brinf up live chat to ask how long for cashout. they tell me it's 7-10 business days (weak!), and that today (28 feb) they are offering a special 250% bonus. i had about 250 in neteller, but the chat operator said i have to reverse my withdrawal and then deposit, but i would get bonus on it all. :eek2: i said i can't risk it, he said reverse it, then deposit, then withdraw as much as i want and i'll get bonus on what i leave in.

so i depo'ed 250, left in 250 of the w/d, and made a new w/d for 619. i received the appropriate bonus of 1250. completed playthrough with 2600 balance. ship it (in ~2 weeks, plus a few more days to bank from neteller)!! so i am waiting on w/d's of 619, 2000, and 600. factor in that i'm playing in usd, and that's like cad 3500 bucks right there!

i hope they don't screw me over; i mean i followed all the rules and they have all this money of mine in their possession collecting interest right now. but still, i got my fingers crossed. :thumbsup: good day all, sorry for the derail, and yeah iirc cool cat has a bunch of escape clauses etc to withhold/limit payouts, never played there unless maybe with a ndb/free chip.

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