Controlling the gambling


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Mar 23, 2006
I no longer gamble online because it is just too much trouble and too many fees for us living in America the Beautiful! Guess if I really felt the need to gamble this way I could find a way to do it but guess I've said "good riddance" to the online casinos at least for the time being - the last several years. I have probably saved myself some money at the same time.
Now I gamble at the B & M's that give something to ME besides a chance to lose money. If I don't get free rooms, freeplay, food, a show, free entry to a slot tournament, (some or all of the above) etc. I don't bother. And when I DO go every other month or so I leave my debit and credit cards at home.
I take only the cash I feel I can lose although this may be a little bit one time and quite a bit the next, it depends on several factors that I won't go into here. Hubby always has his credit cards available for travel exps. and any emergencies, so I don't need mine. He is bored by gambling, so no chance of him using his cards. This way I limit my exposure. I am not a gambling addict, but I know I "ENJOY" the slots a little bit too much so I make sure I don't get into trouble this way. Maybe these strategies will work for someone else who doesn't want to give it up altogether but wants to limit his/her exposure.


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Feb 10, 2009
Philippines/Visiting Las vegas
Hiya: Good luck to you. I use to post on a Las Vegas Visitor board. I always had this little tip, for when going on vacation to a casino Town. Let's say you are there for 3 days. Divide your gambling bankroll in the following method.
20% day 1
30 % day 2
50% on the last day.

This accomplished 2 things. One, it is easier to get back 50% of your losses, if you still have 50% of your bankroll left. As trying to get back back 80% of your losses, with only 20% left is not practical, and can lead to visiting the ATM Machine.

But, more importantly, YOU ARE NOT BROKE ON THE FIRST DAY. You would be shocked at how many people lose their entire gambling budget on the first day in Vegas, and spend the next few days of their vacation walking around broke. That picture in front of the Fountains you are going to take, will come out better if you have money in your pocket, vs, being bummed out you are broke already........................

This can be applied to On Line Gambling also. Maybe you will lose your entire $200, or whatever it is, deposit. Fine. But there is no need to lose it all at once is there? Try breaking it down into segments, over a few days, and see the difference. For some, it will save you money................


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Feb 14, 2007
You are always a loser in the long run... But if you have a plan and it works for you... Great Stuff :)

All the Best