Constant spam from American Grand affiliate


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005
It seems the network of spammers that was hitting other affiliate companies has now moved to American Grand now. Such a fitting place.

The link is for a geocities site in Brazil, but redirects to their main spam site, which advertises "American Gold" casino.

I have emailed american grand about this, and am awaiting a response....Which I doubt I'll get.

Anyone else getting this BS spam again?
Don't hold your breath.

I doubt they really object to this spam provided they make money from the new players recruited.

The mantra of the rogue; "Any publicity is good publicity" probably holds true. It will take a while before online gambling is sufficiently mainstream for most players, or potential players, to be aware of who is bad and who is good in the online casino world.
Of the many TV programmes and documentaries, the issue of rogue casinos or poker rooms has not really been dealt with. Most focus has been on the damage unfettered access to gambling can do to vulnerable gamblers and their families, and this issue is the main focus of efforts in regulating the industry.

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