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Aug 2, 2004
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Hi, this is my first time posting at this site, and I am doing this because a friend referrred me to this site after he had heard about my situation. Well here's my story. I looked at after I had read about their bonus from They were offering several bonuses at the same time, and were also offering $41 in free chips to all their new members. I chose to take advantage of their 350% sticky bonus for all deposits up to $500, which could be cleared via blackjack as well as the $41 in free chips. I spent the next few days clearing the playthrough requirements, and ended up $1000 in profit (not including the bonus) at the end of it. I sent in the faxback form, and requested a withdrawl, but I hadnt heard back from them in a week. So I called up customer service today, and the rep tells me that because I took advantage of two bonuses (free chips and the 350%), that I can only withdrawl up to 5 times the smallest bonus amount, for a grand total of $205, which means that I lose $295 of my initial deposit. And she goes on to tell me that after I make a withdrawl, that my account balance will be reset to 0. So because of some fine print, I will end up losing my $1000 profit, and $295 of my deposit!!! I dont know what I can do, except beg to get my initial deposit back in full, although I would still feel cheated. I would suggest to anyone depositing there to read the bonus policy very clearly, and with a lawyer if possible.

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If anyone else has had a similar experience, and came out okay, I would like to hear your story. Thanks for reading.
Whats a chargeback? Is that a return of my initial deposit? After reading that thread, I dont know if i'll even get that back. I thought something was fishy with the ridiculous bonuses they were offering, and this thread just confirms it.
I think connectocasino has the most complaints or is one of the casinos with the longest thread discussing how bad they are on this forum.
The terms state: "If 2 or more bonuses are redeemed without zeroing out then the lowest maximum withdrawal amount will be assessed and paid."

Unless you have screenshots indicating that this was NOT in place when you played, then I'm afraid you're sunk. However, when the difference between freebie and subsequent deposit is so great that you're locking yourself into a loss the moment you make your deposit, this rule is very, very player-unfriendly. Personally, I'd say it needs some re-thinking.

Nonetheless, they do provide clear links to the policies page on the promo page, and that condition is explained in the top paragraph, so it's not at all hidden. ALWAYS read the conditions and take dated screenshots, whenever you play online and there's a freebie in the melting pot.
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Hi Smokenscreen,

Excuse only for don't pay.

You are lucky person...

After your first deposit you can understand to don't deposit nothing at this place of crooks.
Smokescreen... for your fun:

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The unfair thing about this situation is that he did lock himself in for an immediate loss right when he deposited. Basically it's just like sending a check to the casino because you have no chance to get that money back. What if someone deposited even more say 10K? They would immediately lose 9.8K. This makes absolutely no sense.
Well they sure trapped me, its a rip off, but I've been wagering a sh*tload at their casino, and I'm still doing well. It may or may not be worth it, but I'm going to try to take them up on their comp points, and generate as many as I can before I hit my original account balance. Then hopefully, I can come out of here with a profit, which seems to be better than most people have done there. gotta get paid one way or another...

Well, I got a PM from John Spears, stating that I should recieve my $205 on top of my initial deposit. i dont know how this is going to turn out, but ill keep you guys posted. Here's the PM:

You are supposed to get your deposit back along with your $ 205. I think there has been a misunderstanding. Please call and ask for the withdrawals department and they'll explain everything clearly.

John Spears
Public Relations
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Well, talk about getting results. This forum seems to have a lot of influence on the online casino world. Anyway, I just got a call from Vince at Connecto, and he assured me that although I am held to the $205 maximum withdrawl (5x $41) after I complete the wagering requirements for the free chips, the 350% bonus as well as my $500 deposit will be returned to my account. Although I lose most of my generated profit, at least I get to keep my comp points, bonus, and my deposit. So I'd like to take this time to thank John, Vince, and Casinomeister on helping me get this mess straightened out. John and Vince, although I cannot say much for your customer support, I do appreciate you contacting me personally and taking the time to keep this customer happy.


I JUST got this call, and I will keep the rest of you posted as to how it all pans out. Thanks again Casinomeister!
Well heres the end of the story. I got my deposit and bonus refunded, then I played blackjack to clear the bonus playthrough requirements, because the playthrough resets after you clear one bonus. I dont know if it was a bad run of luck or something more nefarious, but wow, I have never seen the dealer draw to more 20s and 21s in my life. Long story short, I busted out $2250 shortly after they gave me my $205 max withdrawl. I also garnered up about $150 in comp points, so that will be comin back as well. I guess for such a weird round of events, losing $150 of my money is not the worst thing that could have happened. The payment into my neteller was very quick, and I can credit that to Vince at Connecto. I dont know what to say about Connecto, except that this entire ordeal has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and I do not feel that anybody should have to go through what I did, all because of some tricky T&C. Hopefully Ill have better luck somewhere else, and Ill be sure to check up on Casinomeister for any good/bad/mixed reviews of any future casinos i may wish to invest in. Best of luck to you all.

Well, here's the real end. I decided to bet my comp points, to see if i could break even, placing $5 on each hand from my $140 bankroll. Bad move by me. Little did I know that the dealer would resume their statistically improbable wrecking of me, by getting around 12 blackjacks, who knows how many 21s and 20s, destroying my thought that blackjack had a 49% win rate. If you were seeing what I was seeing, it was as if someone was controlling the cards from behind the scenes. Not to mention the occasional lag, after I had raised/lowered my bet or if I would double down, and then recieve some horrible cards. Of course I have no proof of this, and maybe i am typing this because i am very pissed, but in either case, this is one customer, these people will not be seeing EVER again. Back to the poker tables......

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a lot of RTG casinos play like this. Grand Banks/Black widow dealer had blackjack nearly 1 out of every 3 hands when I played there. Stick to fortune lounge ( vegas partners lounge ( etc) and casinos like intercasino.

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