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Jan 7, 2005
Northwest Pa US
I won fair and square at Connecto Casino and now they wont pay! After making a withdrawal, I was banned for "wise action" and was told I would still receive my withdrawal due me in 30 days. I was due this money by Dec 4, 2004. I have not received the money yet. I have emailed support, Vince, and John , with no response. When I call the support person says I will be paid, but management has to okay the payment. My question is, is there something else I can do to make this happen??Or can someone help make this happen?? All suggestions appreciated.
Good luck... I had a similar problem with them last week. They deducted $8 from my cashout and never even had the decency to tell me their (debatable) reason for banning me.
Worth mentioning that its well worth searching these forums and researching a casino before you play it. ConnectTo have a colourful history here as do several others and most regular users wouldn't go near it i'd suggest. got your money so all's well that ends well :thumbsup:

I've been waiting since Thanksgiving.
First I was told 30 days. Then 30 business days. Now I'm told my account is under review. I've played there several times before with no problems.
I would no longer recommend them due to slow pay. Today I called and they could not give me a timeframe as to when I would get paid.
Well after posting here and a few other boards I finally got paid.

I was told I won too much money. (They locked out my account) I complied with all their rules, Terms and Conditions.
My last deposit was $200 get $1000 with something like $36,000 WR. After getting bored and a few drinks I made a few big bets and turned it into $3800 or so.
They only gave me $2000. (Terms state max cashout of 2x bonus).
Still I don't think anyone should have to go through such a hassle to get their money. I can see if I was a new customer and they need ID etc. Sure then cashouts can take a week or two.
Connect to Hell Casino

Connect to Hell has not paid a friend of mine. She won aprox. $2500. She had to send the faxback form. They finally acknowledged that they got it. Then they said that Firepay hasn't proved to them that she is clear with all her deposits to them. Well, after tons of emails to firepay and a fax, she got an email from firepay stating she is clear with them. She forwarded that to Vince at Connect to Hell. Vince at Connect to Hell said that the letter doesn't show any charge backs. Well duh! There isn't any. He said to her on the phone that he has a lot of 'customers' he has to take care of and is not going to take her calls anymore!

Can someone please help me help her!

Thanks. :)
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Beamrider said:
...Can someone please help me help her!
Well since "Connect to Hell" is a member of the forum, you can PM or email them to let them know you have a gripe.

You can "Pitch a Bitch:, but I'm a little backlogged at the moment (I'm making progress though :D).

If you feel it's somethat the licensor should know about - file a complaint via Montana disputes. All the links you need are a couple of clicks away.

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