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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I have been unable to connect to from my PC through NTL Broadband from the UK since the start of the weekend. I have gone through loads of diagnostics, including the complete removal on Norton products. I can connect to just fine, as I can to all other websites I have tried. This problem seems very specific to this one site. I cannot connect through the FireFox browser either.

I can "ping" the server and I get a response with no packet losses. If I try FTP, it finds the server, but naturally connection then needs a user/password. This just shows that the server is probably visible to the internet.

I have tried connecting directly by IP rather than
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, but still no luck.

I would like to hear from any other GoneGambling member here who has had this problem before, or even having it now.

According to a "whois" query, the GoneGambling entry was updated very recently, so I am considering the possibility of a DNS error. The fact that I can "ping" the IP of the GoneGambling server as specified by DNS lookup does not prove that this is STILL the right server!

I do NOT want to reinstall the entire OS until I have been able to rule out everything else (for obvious reasons!).

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VinylWeatherman--you've emailed John on this a few times and as he's explained, this is a problem several members have been experiencing. Our host and techs are working dilligently to sort out where the problem is coming from and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

The best thing to do is hang tight. It will be sorted out.

greedygirl said:
VinylWeatherman--you've emailed John on this a few times and as he's explained, this is a problem several members have been experiencing. Our host and techs are working dilligently to sort out where the problem is coming from and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

The best thing to do is hang tight. It will be sorted out.

At the time I had not received the E-mail from John. I was faced with a full OS install, so I wanted to find out if I was alone as no other reports of this have been posted for the three days I have had the problem.
John has suggested that my ISP could be at fault, and the more evidence I have of this, the easier I can convince them that THEY need to do something, or reverse something they did on Friday. I notice they have pulled all their old CS numbers and replaced them with premium call numbers. (The old numbers were free, it now costs 5p a minute to be on hold for an hour). This is what I put up with from them - I can well believe it is their fault.
I cannot yet work out how I still can't get on by bypassing their DNS server and using the IP rather than the "friendly" domain to connect - this is supposed to work!
Not knowing makes me worry that I will lose access to other websites. I find it hard to believe that general problems hit only a single website and do not migrate to other parts of the internet.

I recall a similar issue with a US ISP (only certain sites affected with the rest of the net OK), and they were accused of deliberately testing a block in advance of the likely implementation of "THAT" bill through congress. Although I am in the UK, NTL is an American company. I hope to find more in some of the computer tech forums. I am annoyed that NTL did not announce this as a service issue to customers, as I have done alot of unnecessary work, and pay "through the nose" for NTL services which are considerably cheaper elsewhere now.

The only suggestion so far is to use an alternate ISP, something I am now considering on a permanent basis after this latest "stunt" from NTL:D
Have you tried changing your proxy thru

Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings ??

Outdated URL (Invalid)

More details there VWM

This was an old solution, but recently when I tried it I found it no longer worked. I assumed NTL had stopped this trick, as they said at the time it was an "unofficial" bodge, and if too many did this to circumvent local restrictions it would mess up their load balancing.

I have received the GG newsletter, which indicates it is a major US provider, although as I am in the UK I am not sure if this is the whole story unless I connect through the states (easily found out).

I have has a crap response from NTL as expected, they cannot help without a long talk with me, clearly they expect to find my own equipment is at fault and have not even checked at their end.
I have not come upon another non-working website as yet. I will have a go at proxy fiddling to see if this allows a temporary solution.
Didn't work

The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL:
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The following error was encountered:

Access Denied.
Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

Your cache administrator is


Generated Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:36:26 GMT by (squid/2.5.STABLE7)

Looks like NTL and others are pretty determined to block the workarounds :mad:

I haven't tried the Gone Gambling site, but I can't get into the WINNING SCREENSHOTS forum on Casinomeister. I can read the threads on every other forum except that one.....keeps coming up DNS error. Server not found.
Very frustrating. That's my favorite:). I figure I can't win, but I like to see other people hit a winner.
Fixed itself

I tried a public proxy last night and the site still failed. I tried again this morning and it was working again.
John from GG said that they changed their upstream provider, and did not expect anything to go wrong as they were just going to provide more bandwidth.
The problems were eventually narrowed down to a Yahoo proxy server system. Given that Yahoo took over Inktomi who provided the NTL Transparent proxies over here this all makes sense.
GG has been working all day since, so I presume the fix is permanent, however it is not yet known exactly why this happened in the first place.

NTL are dangerously close to losing a customer, they should thank their lucky stars that BBC Watchdog did a rather unflattering piece on TalkTalk and the "free broadband" offer. If this was running smoothly it would have been quite a saving over NTL for almost the same level of service.
I haven't been able to open the Winning Screenshot thread for several days. I can read all of the other forums except that one. It always says "server not found" Any suggestions?????????
OK for me.

Seems OK for me. I can only think of two possibilities.

It is full of JPEG images, thus the amount of data is much greater than the other threads.

Some of the images are stored off-site, and are brought in as "includes" - this might cause a server error if these images are no longer available.

One other factor might be Microsoft. A recent patch has switched off ActiveX support in IE 6. Any website using ActiveX will not function properly. I don't believe XP is affected though, only earlier Windows versions.
One thing to try is to download FireFox and try with that - this can show up a fault related to the browser. Firefox does not support ActiveX, although there is now a "Neptune" plug-in to add it.

My own problem turned out to be none of these in the end, but I found out about the Microsoft bungle while looking for a fix. Correcting ActiveX support will also correct the MG casino problem where it keeps asking for Flash 6/8 even after you think you have installed it!
Gone Gambling

Whats the deal with this site?

I tried to enter their forum, its weird...

That site has been in my mind for a while...

I entered it today with no problem Vynil... probably is your browser..

Use Mozilla... its the best Browser available.
You are not alone :(
I can't seem to load up GG either, at first it was just the weekends, but now its all the time. Originally I thought it was server overload, but nope.
I suspect it may have been black listed by a bunch of ISP's.
GG Website

GG identified a problem, but they now believe it should be fixed. If you are still having trouble, use their contact E-Mail.
This has hit them too, their sponsors depend on members participating, and opening accounts and/or redepositing with their sponsors.

The problem is down to Transparent proxy servers used by some ISP's
There may be some that still haven't cottoned on to the problem. I threatened to complain to OFCOM on Tuesday to NTL, and GG was working on Wednesday!! They have NOT replied to me though, so I thought it had just "cleared itself".

Using a different browser did not help, the only solution found to work was using a different ISP. I tried FireFox with no luck, although FireFox gave a better error message than IE - it seems that the page only part loads and then the connection is reset, producing "server not found".

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

yep, NTL did it again:mad: :mad:

Another Friday, and GoneGambling GoneAgain.

At Least NTL are actually communicating with me now, and have apologised. I have suggested that customers will be unhappy to find it takes another 5 days to fix!

I will test ProxyNinja to see if this gets round it as a temporary work round.


No luck with proxyninja - errors 110 & 113 (Connection timed out & no route to host).
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I was just gonna post that I can't connect to GG either, but I see that you're down Greedy. That's sort of a relief or I was gonna be calling my ISP and giving them a piece of my mind. Not that I have alot to spare, but a small piece maybe, lol. ;)
I can't connect to GG either. DNS resolutions work, but GG does not respond to ping, "destination host is unreachable". I did not have problems earlier when VWM started this thread. I am with Tiscali.
Hold Fire

Looks like this is more general than last time. I'll try again tomorrow.
I will keep my ISP informed so they are equipped for this type of issue in the future should another website suffer this problem.

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