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Oct 16, 2003
Hey is anyone owed money from "Connect To Casino" that has not been paid ? :flamemad:

I have found out from other forums that this Casino outfit has only been in place since about June 2003.

Would really like to know if they were in business before under another name, their software is RTG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :redface:
She pitched a bitch already. It's for $5,230.00 and she's being accused of having more than one account or something of this nature. It's not really clear what the casino is accusing her of. I hope to have an answer soon.
Hi..Regarding "Connecttocasino"!

I played there once. :flamemad:

You get a "FREE" :crazy: $41 bonus you have to play 41 times = $1640.00
One of the two or three games you can only play is Keno. :wtf:
Lets ASSUME, after you wager $1640.00, that you have $1000.00 in your account.
The maximum you can withdraw is $200.00 LESS the $41.00 bonus = $159.00.

The chances of winning are slim and its a long time playing Keno and the reward (IF ANY) isn't worth the trouble.

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