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Mar 10, 2005
Unfortunately I did not even realize that an organization like Casinomeister's Forum existed until it was to late However I have corrected that and now a member of this forum - and will be for a long time.

The problem is with ConnectToCasino.

On 19- Feb-2005 I requested the withdrawal in the amount of 2077 US Dollars
On 23 Feb-2005 I had not heard anything and sent another email
On 1 Mar-2005 I received my 1st reply after another email
stating I must wait 2-7 days -- FEb 19 to March 1st it appears 7 days
has already passed

On 1 Mar-2005 I send a STRONGER email that said I would like to have my funds processed because it exceeded their 7 day processing which is stated on their web page.

On 3 Mar-2005 I received an email that I was banned from the casino - the standard "Wise Action" as apparantly others have received as the reason for banning.

- I did not
swear or insult but did state I want my withdrawal processed and out login privleges resumed. Ya come to find out Like that is gonna happen

excerpt From Connecttocasino date March 3rd:

"Wise action is not welcome at Connect To Casino. Your action is a little
bit too sharp for us hence we have decided to close your account. You
will be paid in full as are all players that are banned at Connect To

and now must wait 72 hours to even receive our deposit
and 30 day for our winnings.

It is now March 11th and I have not even received my deposit back from them as stated in the last page of their email under the banning rules. Let alone the winnings that I do fee that I should receive.

I have complete Email Documentation and fortunately have recorded all of the chats conversations, these documents include that I have met the play thru requirements and have the necessary documentation on file.

I will forward this email to anyone who would like to review it just to
in defense of myself that I followed all the procedures and met the requirements.

Mr. Byran Bailey is intending on helping me with this matter and greatly appreciate his efforts. It was suggested that I post this in the forum and also attempt a PM directly with ConnectToCasino.

I am about to do that and will let you know the results.
There's a lot of bad karma surrounding this casino, with repeated player problems surfacing and strong rumours that it is on the sales block.

Bryan has good contacts at RTG and will probably be faster than Montana in getting this settled.

In the meantime I think a great deal of caution should be exercised anywhere near Connect To Casino.
>>Wise action is not welcome at Connect To Casino

When can I expect to see them put in Evil ones?? And I think I must
find some way to force RTG to review real hard some of their casinos
because I read too much trouble news about them.

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