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Connect To Casino caution

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by drhein, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. drhein

    drhein Dormant account

    I'd like to caution anyone thinking of taking Connect To Casino up on their very large percentage bonuses and "free chips".

    I had a pretty boring Christmas this year so on 12/25/03 I redeemed their then $15 free chip and played for a while since I really do like the RTG games. I lost that "free money" but had fun, so I decided to make a deposit of $100.00 (merry Christmas to me) and try out ConnectTo Casino's then 550% bonus offer. Got my balance up to over $1600.00 after FINALLY meeting their WT requirements (verified with them via email) and requested a cashout via email on 1/5/04. The next day they emailed me back stating the request was "in process" and would take 2-7 days.

    On 1/8/04 they returned $75.00 to my Neteller account with no explanation. I called and spoke to Nick at ConnectTo who informed me that I had redeemed a "free chip" prior to making the $100.00 deposit, so I was only entitled to cash out 5x the free chip, per the T&C on their web site. I informed Nick that I had lost that $15 in full prior to making the deposit, therefore that free chip's T&C would no longer apply. He then told me that their logs only show what happened before and after a "session" and that BECAUSE I DID NOT LOG OUT OF THEIR SOFTWARE and back on prior to making the $100 deposit, they do not show whether or not my balance was zero prior to making the deposit.

    I have a very hard time believing that ConnectTo doesn't have better logs of transactions made in their casino. And apparently this information is available to them, if only via RTG themselves.
    For the record, I've emailed them many times since my last call with Nick, asking for more information, better logs, etc., without a single response. ConnectTo Casino is at the very least guilty of negligent customer service... and so is RTG, as Mr. Staw has also not responded to my requests for logs.

    I've already pitched my bitch with the Meister here and he is working on it but this is taking an awfully long time to resolve so I wanted to caution anyone else out there to be careful when dealing with these folks. At least LOG OUT of the software and back on each time you zero out or before trying to claim a bonus!

    It's really too bad because the games were fun and I would have come back and probably lost money there next time. Funny thing is, they keep emailing me with bonus offers - LOL!
  2. jyde

    jyde Dormant account

    One of the newest members of this forum is the RTG director of engineering. I'm sure he can confirm if the RTG-logs are that bad.

    I've always thought that RTG had one of the most advanced casino management systems. Perhaps I was wrong ;)
  3. ftg

    ftg Banned User - bogus claim - violation of <a href="

    This is bs and one of their excuses not to play. Most, if not all, RTG casinos can send you the play logs when you request. From the play logs, there are win/loss and balance.

    Last year I tried to cash out a small win and after waited for 2 weeks, no process at all. send mail to them, no reply. complaint to the manager e-mail without details and the manager asked what happened; explained in details and then waited for another week with no reply from the manager. Finally I go back to the casino and lost the deposit and winnings. No more on this casino.
  4. drhein

    drhein Dormant account

    Just for clarification, Connect To Casino did not leave the money in my account. They only left the sticky bonus of $550.00. The rest was removed and shows in the history as a withdrawal, requested and approved, with a method of "MANAGER". I guess that means that the MANAGER can do whatever he wants with my money. Although I'm sure he doesn't see it as mine.
  5. connectocasino

    connectocasino Dormant account


    As the readers of Winneronline are already aware Connect To Casino has a policy of responding to public complaints publically.

    Drhein, you redeemed the $ 15 free chip at 12/25/2003 1:59:22 PM

    Here's logs of all your sessions with Connect To Casino from 12/25/2003 1:58:57 PM to 1/6/2004 3:49:51 PM when the withdrawal was requested. Please show me where you zeroed out.

    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    As per our rules page located at : You must register/login in order to see the link.

    "Maximum payout on a free chip is five times the amount of the chip after meeting playthrough requirements. Your account balance will be reduced to zero after making the withdrawal. Any real money deposits and bonuses on those real money deposits will of course remain unaffected."

    Hence you were paid $ 75 and the deposit ($ 100) and bonus ($ 550) were left unaffected which you continued to play with. I don't see why it has become a problem now over a month later.

    FTG, please email me your username at This email is not visible to you. and I will look into your case personally.


    John Spears
    Public Relations
    This email is not visible to you.
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
  6. jyde

    jyde Dormant account

    These logs only shows start and end balances for each session. He can have zeroed out a zillion times but have ended up with a balance. Don't tell us you don't bother to check the detailed game logs to see if he zeroed out :lolup:

    I assume he is not a new player on December 25? First session start balance is 5 cent.
  7. drhein

    drhein Dormant account


    Why do you wait until I post here to respond, and then only respond here on the board and not to my numerous emails? This isn't *just now* an issue over a month later. I've emailed your company and Keith Kane personally several times, with still no response. Have you been ignoring Casinomeister's emails too? I have been waiting until now because I was giving Connect To Casino an opportunity to resolve this matter privately. You've failed to do that.

    This issue is, and always has been, that my balance was zeroed out PRIOR TO making the $100.00 deposit. I have requested detailed logs from RTG. You should have already done so yourself to resolve this.
  8. rbreen

    rbreen Dormant account

    Same Problem

    I had the same problem with Connect to Casino.
    I deposit $100 and got $41 Free chip + bonus. I had a playthrough over $25000 and I had met the wagering requirements. I reguest a cashin for $11000 and only got 5 x $41 (free chip) = $205. The rest ($10695) "the manager" stole from me. I`m pretty new to playing casino but why do they offer free chips when I cant withdraw more than 5 times the free chips.
    Ex. If I deposit $1000 I get $410 free chip and can only withdraw $2050 even I win $100000. Can someone explain this for me.

  9. jyde

    jyde Dormant account

    Rbreen - that rule is not unusual. The casino simply won't give away to much money won on free chips. If you read the terms you would have known and probably not accepted the offer - or at least stopped playing when you reached the max withdrawable amount.
  10. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    Connect have an irritating addition to the zero-out rule whereby you must LOG OUT or else the zero-out is not recognized.

    I had a moderate-sized withdrawal here recently which I posted some comments about at WOL. That withdrawal has now been paid in its entirity, actually a fraction ahead of the agreed time frame.
  11. gamblinboi

    gamblinboi Dormant account

    why do you people deposit AND play with free chips at the same time? and not even bother to read the rules?
  12. jyde

    jyde Dormant account

    Does it say so anywhere in their terms?
  13. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    Yes, they updated them to include it around mid-December. I had a ton of non zeroed-out back wagering, but fortunately my play was all prior to that date so John had it wiped clean.
  14. drhein

    drhein Dormant account

    Thanks for the info caruso - this was not in the T&C when I played in December. Of course I didn't print it out so there is no proof. An expensive lesson for me, to be sure.

    Jyde - thank you for understanding what I was trying to say. I was beginning to think myself unreasonable for expecting them to be able to check some type of log that has a bit more detail! ;)
  15. connectocasino

    connectocasino Dormant account


    This term was added on December 12, 2003, 13 days before you played. The meister is well aware of this situation and that is why he probably did not respond to you.

    I have already explained the reasoning for this rule at winneronline. Here it is one more time :

    "The 'real money sessions' in the RTG software only records the starting and ending balances. It does not record zero outs if they happen while in session. Yes, we could run a DB report to look at EVERY play this person made. That would slow down the whole casino for 5 minutes because he's played quite a bit and it would take hours for a rep to go through all of them.

    Now can you imagine what would happen if we didn't have this rule and we would have to do this for EVERY withdrawal request?"
  16. ftg

    ftg Banned User - bogus claim - violation of <a href="

    Don't know why, but RTG casino operator just like to make comments/conclusion without well thought. Just recall Hamptons mouse movement record claim.

    How can it be for 5 minutes? but not 1 minute, or 10 minute or 1 hour.

    I need 5 minutes at most to go through it. Fire the rep if it take hours.

    Many RTG casinos do not have this rule but they are running in good position.

    And I can only imagine what is happening with this rule there.
  17. connectocasino

    connectocasino Dormant account

    RTG casino operators are not the only ones guilty of this crime.

    How can it be for 5 minutes? but not 1 minute, or 10 minute or 1 hour.

    Because that is what it would have been in THAT particular player's case considering how much he had played at the time.

    I need 5 minutes at most to go through it. Fire the rep if it take hours.

    Really? Even if the player played slots and spun em about a million times? I say this because a lot of our players do even if this one didn't.

    Many RTG casinos do not have this rule but they are running in good position

    And so are we, WITH this rule. Go figure.....

    And you never emailed me your username. I'm beginning to wonder if you ever played with us.
  18. ftg

    ftg Banned User - bogus claim - violation of <a href="

    So you admit that you are one of them?

    I mean how can you conclude with such a specific number? and that specific number definitely is affected by a few external factors, for example, the number of players online, the number of games being played etc.

    Since you know doing that will slow down the servers, you'll probably don't do it quite often which means you are not really know how long it will take. You are just wild guessing.

    Looking at what the log you have posted here, I don't think the player played a million hands.

    Again, you don't have the number of hands played since you said you won't generate the game logs. ?????

    A simple question for you:
    A player played at your casino for 10 days. The first day he played 1 hour, second day 2 hours, 3rd day 3 hours ...and so on. For how long the game log generation will slow down your server?

    How good are you?

    I just e-mail you my username, as requested. I didn't send you becasue it's not my priority and I don't think you can do anything with my account. There is no money there and no activities for a few months. Again, no more guess/wonder but go with the fact please.

    To be fair, my BAD experience with your casino is when (I believe) you are not with them. It might be better now but from what I read, ignoring e-mails from players are still common.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2004
  19. connectocasino

    connectocasino Dormant account


    There is money there now. We comped you the equivalent of your last deposit ( $ 50) for all your trouble.

    I am confident you will find the service is much improved and the new bonus program is bigger than ever. Check it out :

    You must register/login in order to see the link.
  20. jyde

    jyde Dormant account

    Mr. Spears - what are you planning to do with drheins case?

    It's not like he didn't meet your terms - he DID zero out and I'm sure he can tell you in what session it happened.


    A zero out is defined as any balance of $ 1 or less. Playthrough requirements carry over if you don't zero out and redeem 2 or more bonuses.

    **Please ENSURE that you logout after zeroing out and depositing again otherwise the zero out will not be recorded**

    Your terms about zeroing out ARE pretty clear - the logging out part is just a technicality with no relevance to the essence of the promotion. Of course the zero out is recorded and if drhein tells you in what session it happened I'm sure it can be easily found.

    I understand you prefer people log out because it's easier - but treating people badly because of an oversight isn't fair and can't be good for business. As I recall you got some heat because you DIDN'T tell people to log out when you first had this promotion? Isn't this correct? Aren't we all allowed to make mistakes? Afterall - allowing one mistake would have taken less time than what you've wasted in this thread.

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