Concerning Slotland,s Failure to play Winners


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Great site, and even greater message board! By the way... is that a pic of George Clooney? or are you lucky enough to just look like him? I read that Slotland failed to pay two big winners, claiming that WEB-TV or some other lame reason was at fault for showing a jackpot while Slotland claims it was not a win. Any validity to this? If it is faith in online gaming is getting shakier by the day. I keep hearing about reputable and highly recommended casinos giving in to the "dark side" lately. Anyway... take care Meister! I,ll be poking through the posts! Tim


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Actually, I found those pictures online and I use them as a joke. Everyone knows I'm some old decrepid loser :D

I haven't heard about this concerning Slotland. Slotland is one of the oldtimers out there, and I am pretty much in close contact with them. I haven't heard anything about any web-tv problem.


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I was half asleep when I read it last night about Slotland. If I can find the link, I,ll post it so you can check it. I hate to think it,s true also... Slotland has always had a solid reputation.

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