Concerning: AVOID Sun Palace and RTG sites at all costs! THREAD MOVED


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Jun 30, 1998
Concerning: AVOID Sun Palace and RTG sites at all costs!

This thread was moved primarily because of the flame war that snowballed into unacceptable insulting language. There are certain terms that are not allowed to be used against ANY member of this forum, and I will not tolerate this.

This was probably the worst display of trash mouth that has even been posted here. Taking this into consideration, I made decision to edit most of the offending posts..

But to squelch fears that I'm censoring anybody - I'm not. Communic8 (the member who went apeshit) stepped over the F.U. line - his tirade was out of line and unnecessary.

I'm sure Communic8 is gloating that he was banned - this was obviously his intention from the git-go. That was pretty transparent. It's a shame that some of you took his bait.

There are two ways to handle people that you don't get along with. There is the "ignore" function (all of this persons posts disappear), you can hit them with negative reputation points, and you can "report a post".

Like Simmo! mentioned in his closing statement - I was out for the weekend. Don't expect me to be watching for this shit at 5:34 am on a Monday need patience and understanding.
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Jul 5, 2003
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I apologize for my role in this.

I got the strong feeling that he was a troll, a person who comes to a board with the agenda of starting a flame war, and he was specifically after Pina. Whether he picked her arbitarily once here or whether he came on board already obsessed with her, I don't know.

At some point I got caught in the net because I just couldn't watch Pina taking all these unfounded insults.

The correct thing to do would have been to totally ignore him.

Sorry again for jumping into that thread.


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Apr 4, 2005
I want to apologize for my role in this as well. By the end of it I was saying let's just ignore him, he'll get bored and go away, but I was not nearly as invested as some others were and I don't blame them for not being able to keep quiet. He was obviously wanting this exact result.

Obviously, Bryan, both you and Simmo have to have lives outside of this forum. I can only hope that Pina realizes you were away and comes back... It would be a shame to lose a good member of the community because of this guy.

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