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Jan 31, 2004
Just curious to know if anybody else got this e-mail...

Dear xxxx,

Hi, this is Mike Herea, Casino-on-Net's Promotions Manager, with an EXCLUSIVE invitation-only offer where you can only win!

Login to the Casino-on-Net account that you registered with the username xxxxxxxx and you'll
find $200 waiting for you! It's unbelievable but true!

This exclusive, one time offer is only being made to a few selected Members, so don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to greatly increase your bankroll before you even start playing!

And remember we are available 24/7 to assist you in depositing or any other matters! You can either pick up the phone and call us toll free from the U.S & Canada on 1-800-480-5170 or visit:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
for toll-free numbers for other countries.
If you need assistance online, email

See you at the tables!

Mike Herea
Promotions Manager
Not me. But i tried logging on as xxxxxxxxx and it won't let me in so be careful Pad :D ;)
Simmo! said:
Not me. But i tried logging on as xxxxxxxxx and it won't let me in so be careful Pad :D ;)
I actually logged in and found the 200 bucks. It is just that it sounds too nice to be true. Maybe it's because I hardly play there since I started to play MG casinos... :cool:
It's True

Casino on Net are always keen to give money away. The most i have ever had is $100 so they must like you. You only need to wager it twice and then you can withdraw.

Well done
yes con is very popular and you know your gonna get paid. i remember I played with them about 2 years ago and built 1k up to around 8k. cashed it out but after 3 days (they have a 5 day pending period which is just plain ridiculous) i reversed and lost it all :D

5 days pending and 3 days processing = me playing elsewhere. but at least you know you'll get paid if you play at CON, which is worth something.
There are a lot of talks of them being the top casino. If they continue with their 7 day payment schedule, they won't stay there for very much longer when others pay as fast as 5, 10 mins, or within one day.
jen said:
I think you must loose big first to get this kind of offer.
Well, when I used to play there until a cuuple of years ago (and my way of playing was very poor at the time) I think I had lost about 2 grands, not a lot for casino standards. That's why I was surprised to see 200 bucks out of nothing ;)
I'm not complaining in any case...

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