CON Poker...Patting Our Pretty Little Heads....


Nov 20, 2002
Iowa, dammit.
A line from Casinomeister's/INFOPOWA's report about CON Poker kowtowing to the, ahem, "needs" of the ever growing number of online women poker players.....
The new women's only tables will be tailored to the needs of female players with larger 'chat' boxes, giving the facility for players to swap the latest gossip as they play.

Give me a break. Play almost anywhere online, and the only "gossip" being bandied about is by MALE UK players "dishing" about English soccer teams.

With promotional material like that, I'll be sure to skip on over to CON with my poker dollars....just as soon as the WPT makes Annie Duke more "comfortable"....perhaps by covering all the chairs with a lovely chintz.....
Well said, Swampwitch - when I saw that line (and the one about the pretty coloured tables) in the press release I thought it would evoke a robust response, LOL. Do you think they ran that release past any really independent players?
Well, I doubt they ran it by any actual female players. :rolleyes:
Any self-respecting female poker player who plays there after such condescending remarks should be smacked upside the head. And any male player who respects their mother/sister/daughter shouldn't play there, either.

Hey CON......Want my poker money? Then I suggest you stick your head out of the local "gentleman's club" and pay attention to the real world... :cool:

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