Computer Help Needed Please

GGW Laurie

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I cant get any new casinos to install right, they all keep coming up like this, i defragmented and everything else within my limited knowledge of computers, any advice, id be so greatful..................laurie:)


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Try restarting your computer. These casinos especially RTG casinos act stupid once in a while. If that does not work you may need to update your Adobe Flash file.


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did you delete your temp files , history and cookies in internet explorer ? Or possibly delete the casino and redown load it.


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Have you check the requirement of memory or free disk space ect. before you download? If you meet all those requirement then you might want to try to uninstall the software. Retart your PC. Then try reinstall the software again. Don't forget to write down you user ID or account ID in case you lose it.

Possible virus or spyware running? Do a virus check and spyware check.
Also try turn off the firewall.
Did you get the latest update on your internet explorer?
Try contact casino support to help you.

Hope this helps