Compliments to Guts casino! A big YES casino.

I believe players who self exclude and then create a new account with slightly different details, do so with the intent of getting a 'free go' at the casino.
If they win they can try to cash out. Should they lose they can demand a refund.
In my mind you've taken advantage of this loop hole.

Aha! Don't fill in the gaps with what you don't know! That is very dangerous!

Well I can assure you this was not the case. We are talking about 2-3 years ago.
I was investigating Everymatrix casino's and everymatrix told me I had an account at Guts but I closed it with SE myself on 1-11-2014. While guts told me it was SE by me at 3-2-2015. They told me they were shortly after aware after the second SE it was a duplicate, cause of a small thing different on writing up.
Moreover I don't think many player try your con thing, cause thats not going to work, you have to be verified and systems go really fast on tracking plus you spoile your chance of pay out at winnings, that would be stupid.

Makes me wonder why you think as a con artist as a'professional slotmachineplayer'

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