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Jun 12, 2003
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I see that Casino Heat is listed under the "not recommended" section.

From my casino experience, I have had nothing but compliments for this casino. They adhere to all their rules as stated on their website, and process cashins exactly as stated on their website (at least in my experience). I won some good money at their casino. And they are always easy to get in touch with. You can always hate something a casino does but as long as they adhere 100% to everything stated on their website, and are easy to get in touch with, they earn my seal of approval. So I am giving my seal of approval for this casino, and am quite curious as why they are a "not recommended" casino. Please speak out, and if you had a bad experience post it so I can hear other experiences. Thanks, and happy playing :)

Casino Heat has a checkered past, alongside the sister casinos of Ruby Dragon, Casino Extreme, Blast21 etc.

The previous operators (most players have been told that it is under new management) were nasty people to deal with, and this casino was accused of a number of player "violations" to include continuing to offer players bonuses even after players were not eligible for these bonuses. They would offer these, let the player make the deposit, and then negate the winnings if there were any.

Search the forum or search the news section here:

Besides, most RTG casinos do NOT gave gaming licenses. So if you are playing there, you are playing at your own risk.

Also, compare the images of the blonde at and compare her to the blond at It seems that someone has ripped off another casinos artwork.
I can say from experience there that even if you do play by all the rules, they may still ban you without warning or explanation. And will further refuse to tell you why when you ask in email and over the phone.

This is what happened to me at one of their sister casinos and I still don't know why. But they were too inept I guess to figure out that I had accounts at the other 2 casinos (blast21 wasn't around then) and left those accounts open and continue to send me promos for them.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>Also, compare the images of the blonde at and compare her to the blond at It seems that someone has ripped off another casinos artwork. <hr size=0>​
It seems that Casino Heat purchased these photos. Too lame to come up with their own model, I guess.

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