Sep 26, 2021
Hi looking for someone to help, just looking for an honest answer no criticism needed, I had a large win on a bingo site and won £24k took 7 weeks of verification ie id address bank and so on anyway once verified they said I could withdraw but was limited to £5k per day unless I got my documents signed I can’t remember what they called it but basically was to be signed by lawyer etc to confirm who I was if I wanted to withdraw the full amount

Basically I withdraw 15k while playing to be able to get the rest of as I would class myself as an addict and they would have seen that when I sent in bank statements etc but I tried to withdraw another £5k and wouldn’t allow me it said contact support in the end I ended up playing the rest, do you guys think I have a case to be able to take it above them I complained to them but they haven’t even responded I am approaching 10-11 weeks since then, I know it was my fault I spent it etc and I totally understand that but I believe they had a role to play seeing for themselves how many sites I play on and how much monthly I spent. I have played on anything since and planning on signing up to Gamstop for a couple of years to ensure it doesn’t happen again

Any help is greatly appreciated
Is this a UK registered site? Because if so, they can’t limit your withdrawals.

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