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Jan 20, 2004
Hello Casinomeisterland! Just a quick notice here to announce a few changes in the Online Casino and Poker Complaints section of our forums.

For a while now we've had a sub-forum in Complaints regarding the boat-load of problems coming from casinos licensed in Curacao under the 1668/JAZ Master license. This was an initiative of @dunover some months ago and good on him for it! For a while that sub-forum was buried under "Other Complaints" and likely wasn't getting the exposure it needed. I've since moved that out into the main Complaints forum group -- 1668/JAZ licensee issues -- so it will now be visible to anyone visiting Complaints.

Also, there's a new forum in Complaints. Years ago we had a specific forum for the (many) issues players were having with the Virtual Group of casinos. Then they worked hard to clean up their act, pretty much did so, and somewhere along the way we dropped the dedicated forum. Unfortunately things at Virtual are back in "not so good" territory and it seems prudent to go back to where we were on this. Please feel free to use Virtual Group Issues for any related complaints/concerns/problems/etc.

Other than a minor re-shuffle of the order of the other forums in Complaints that's about it.

Comments and/or suggestions always welcome.

That's all for now. :cheerleader:

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