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Jan 17, 2010
Below is my email complaint to supro casino, please please share your thoughts/advice. Thanks


To The Manager,

Following my telephone conversation today with John from your support team I was advised to contact you for assistance.

If I may I will start from the beginning. My name is Ross and I like to play blackjack and roulette. I joined your casino site last night and deposited 370, I also received a 50 bonus which I did not ask for and was not expecting. I played a dozen or more games of blackjack staking around 100 a game and more if you include doubling down. I was winning and I decided to stop playing when my balance was at 1025.

I then wanted to cash out and i assumed I would be cashing out 975 as i was not expecting to cash out the bonus. I was very shocked to learn that this was not possible and that my money was effectively tied by wagering requirements for the bonus which I did not want.

As i see it the money i won was using the 370 i deposited, and without that i could not have achieved a gross win off 975. My stakes level also supports that. I am very surprised this is even an issue and i have never had such a problem with any other sites in the past. I think it is very unfair to bundle my deposit with the bonus and treat the whole money as bonus money and bonus winnings as this is not the case.

Also i was told that blackjack does not count towards wager requirements anyway, therefore making it impossible for a customer that only plays blackjack to ever collect money because of this bonus issue. Surely this is not right either.

I am very disappointed with what has transpired as I deposited my money in good faith and i do not believe that SupraCasino are acting in the spirit of fairness and the game.

I would like to request that I be able to withdraw the 975 and should that happen i would be happy to continue to use your casino. I look forward to a positive outcome on this matter.


Ross *****

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