Casino Oasis is not very organized. I asked for a copy of my transactions this month and was told to keep track of my own stuff. I asked again and was given a list of the deposits I made. The list did NOT include the withdrawals of my winnings at the casino. I emailed again and never heard from them. I now have to wait and see if things add up on my credit card.

This casino is not customer-oriented and I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you play there. Their graphics are also very poor.

Let me know if any of you have had experiences at the Oasis casino. bye for now, chagall
chagall, please post the url and I'll look up all their related sites if I can. Sound like a group to avoid for sure! is a cyberbookies site, yes, definitely avoid them, they are infamous! Licensed in Costa Rica.
Hi Mary,

I was just checking their website and this is what they state "Licensed and operating in Curacao, which is part of Holland and not in a Third World country!"

But all the Netherlands is responsible for is the island's defence and foreign affairs. So it could be a little third worldish after all (if this makes any difference!).


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