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Mar 7, 2003
I would advise caution at casinosolei. They appear to manufacture reasons to avoid payment of winnings. The following is my complaint to Playtech (I also have sent the casinomeister a detailed complaint):

Recommended by a friend to Playtech's casinos because they have a reputation for honesty, I recently tried a few out. At most I lost. But at Casino Solei, I won! However, they won't pay me my winnings.

I made the withdrawal request on 2/18 and after maybe a week passed they asked me for ID, which I scanned and sent. The manager, Sileny, claimed he couldn't read my documents. I replied that they were legible on my screen, and then he changed his story to just my driver's license being illegible. Suddenly he could read the faxback form. So I scanned my license again, three different ways, and resent it. It has now been over a week and I've received no response, despite three more e-mails inquiring about the status of my withdrawal.

This morning, I tried to log in to my account and my password wouldn't work and a message stated that I had been locked out of my account. Also, my deposit (but not my winnings!) have been returned to my Neteller account. Casino Solei is refusing to respond to my e-mails, but it appears as though they are attempting to steal my winnings.

Can you help me?

Update: I finally received a response from Casinosolei, as follows:

}[color=ff0000]First of all I will like to apologize but we have a problem with the copy of the identification you sent us, in one copy the ID has different information than the other, we are an honest casino, we have our rules and we expect them to be respected.
Your Identification doesn't meet our requirements and our management has decided to return your deposit and void your winnings, we have many players that meet the requirements and also another amount of them that don't. I apologize again in the name of Casino Solei.

I'm not exactly clear what they're saying. I only have one ID, and they haven't stated what appears different between the different copies. But of course if their concerns were genuine they'd probably be behaving differently (e.g., asking for additional info or ID, asking me to explain the "differences," replying to e-mails, etc.). It seem to me like a typical transition from slow-pay to no-pay.

However, I am an optimistic person, and I still have some hope for a positive resolution. It's possible they've just made a very bad mistake that will be corrected. In the meantime, though, I urge caution at casinosolei. Cheers,

Playtech powered. Hasn't been online all that long and is owned by a land-based outfit out of Umag in Croatia.

There have been instances of players being disqualified for simply having a post box address on one form and a street address on another, so it would be best to try and speak to management and find out exactly what the problem is.

If that doesn't work come back here and I'll give you an email address for Playtech in the hope that they can help you sort it out.

Failing that, the next step is mediation.

I am disturbed that they ignored so many of your communications - that is not a good sign. How much do they owe you?
Thanks, jetset. Croatia? Wow.

I don't believe there are address problems in this case. I have my street address both on my faxback and my DL. The casino doesn't specify what they don't like about my ID -- just that it "doesn't meet their requirements." It frankly doesn't sound to me like they all are interested in confirming my identity. And I agree with you -- the unwillingness to respond to e-mails doesn't bode well.

I have complained to Playtech (text of my complaint in the message that started this thread). Maybe they can help.

Oh, I deposited $1000, ran it up to $3500, and withdrew $2000. I figured if the payment went smoothly I could play with the rest. Anyway, they returned my initial $1000 and grabbed the other $2500.

I'll keep everyone here posted.


You could try contacting Mike Craig, the "new"
head honcho of the OPA (onlineplayersassociation)

He seems to have a few "in's" with Playtech.
Actually, he seems to think quite highly of them. :puke:

Casinosolei is responding to my e-mails more promptly, even if they are not answering my questions. They claim to be "investigating" my identity by contacting other Playtech casinos at which I have played. They don't make it clear what it is they hope to find out from these casinos (e.g., "yeah, he played here and we paid him -- what's your problem?"), and they still haven't explained what it is they don't like about my driver's license. For all I know they have locked me out, confiscated $2500 in winnings, and claim to be investigating me all to cover an inability to pay.

Summary: I'm still locked out, with $2500 in winnings confiscated from me, and only a vague "investigation" explains why. E-mail response has resumed. I will report back to casinomeister at the beginning of next week.

Incidentally, has not responded to my complaint.

Has anyone ever been paid substantial winnings from


No news. I'm still out $2500 in winnings. The "Casino Host" was to have some information for me 3/11, but of course no correspondence since then.

My withdrawal request is now a month old.

Thanks, Bryan. If you want to see any of my correspondence or the security documents they claim are problematic, just let me know.

It's so weird that they haven't asked me for any more information. It would seem to me that if they *really* had any question about my identity they would ask for more documents. I've offered plenty of times to satisfy any of their questions -- I could give them copies of utility bills, CC statements, passport, whatever. I'm also a fairly public person, so a web search on my name would probably produce my work phone which they could call to check up on me.

But they haven't asked for any of this. They just state that my ID "doesn't meet their requirements" and use that as an excuse to stall (steal?).

I've also played at other playtech sites which had no problems with my ID and paid me. Until this gets resolved I'm advising people to stay away from casinosolei, as it smells to me like they don't have money to pay winners. But that's just a guess.

Again, thanks for taking interest in the case.

I pitched a complaint previously but i know bryan is a busy man or perhaps it got lost in cyberspace. I will repitch it tonight now that the iron is hot

I deposited 500 and got a 250 bonus. I gambled pretty agressively playing 250.00x2 bj switch and 100.00 4 line jacks or better. I ended up doing very well and cashing out including comps at 4086. I wagered well over the minimum.

They asked me for ID so i sent it. They then asked me for even more ID and for me to sign a form. So i sent that. Then they lock my account and refuse to discuss the matter whatsoever. I tried calling the croatia phone number which is 011-38-552741301 and it costs me 3.00 a minute! Time to get a new phone plan.

There 800# does not work and i can never get the manager or sileny on the phone they just ignore me via email.

Hi Hockeyk,

I think you filed a complaint with the OPA in December concerning this one (I was copied on), but I believe Mike Craig dropped the ball. I don't beleive anything was done. If you'd like, I could use this information and see if the casino can take another look at this.
Hi admin/bryan

I would love that. In response to the other question this was in november. They have ignored me so there isn't much i can do :(
Hi Hockeyk,

They already got back to me with yours stating "regarding the player, that is a case closed, we won't change our decision and the reasons why we did it are not questionable. Thanks again for your help."

They are still reviewing colincaster's case.

This is the sort of arrogant casino response that makes me see red.

How dare these people confiscate substantial winnings and block an account and then refuse to disclose reasons to a legit mediator?

And the claim of the poster who started this thread is still long outstanding (btw colin what was the Playtech response to your email?)

These were both substantial amounts (2500 on one complaint and 4000 on the other) which makes me think these Croatian casino people don't like big wins.

If this is how they behave then I think further action to warn others about their questionable practice is indicated.
I'll be taking a closer look at Hockeyk's complaint. This was a complaint that was filed with the OPA back in December.

As for colincaster's, it's still in negotiation.
Jetset, the most surprising thing to me in all this is that *playtech* hasn't responded to either of my e-mails to them. Silence. Dead air. They're apparently not interested and they'd just as soon not acknowledge my inquiries. You'd think they would at least disclaim responsibility formally instead of just ignoring me.

As for casinosolei, their last e-mail to me was a couple weeks ago. They hoped they would have some "word" for me by the next day. Sounded a little conciliatory, even. But then silence, and now they just ignore my e-mails. It sounds like Bryan has had some discussion with them, but they haven't given me any indication they are negotiating anything.

I still don't understand their grounds for confiscation. Are they accusing me of not being who I say I am? Are they accusing me of hustling them in some way? I've got no clue. But that may suit their needs. One can't defend oneself against an unarticulated charge.

That said, I don't want to get in Bryan's way. He appears to be the only one who can get a response out of them. So if he wants me to zip my lip for now I will (or to bust this post he has my permission). Cheers,

Received e-mail today from casinosolei out of the blue, after many went unanswered. They "apologize for all the trouble," have "fixed" my account, and hope I can forgive them. I suspect Bryan's intervention was helpful, though they do not mention him. So three tentative cheers for the casinomeister, and I will follow up when I have effected a successful cashout.

Got paid today via Neteller; case finally closed. It was almost a two month process, including a lot of hassle and a lot of unanswered e-mails, but I can't say I was stiffed. Credit the bucket to persistence, with a huge assist from the Casinomeister. Thanks, Bryan.

This is just a note to clarify, in case it wasn't clear from the above, and from Bryan's newsletter a few months ago, that casinosolei paid me in full, and that I have no outstanding complaint against the casino.

Casinosolei has also recently made it clear to me that they read casinomeister's board and care about their public image on it, which is a very good thing, IMO.


Forgive me for going O/T for a moment here, but if Casino Solei execs are reading this board they should be aware that they are advertising Lugano and Paradiso on a site called Six Gun that used to be a casino.

That casino screwed half a dozen players when it went down recently, after many promises and much jerking around.

The amounts outstanding were not even large - certainly not worth sullying a reputation in this industry which the manager, one J. Lymenstone (if that is his real name on Hotmail!) has done.

This character may also be using the company title

And now, back to our normal programming!!!

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