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Gordon J McDonald

This casino site (VideoPokerClassic) is very unresposive with regard to a problem I am having with them. I deposited $75 and won some money very early. I then entered a withdrawal of $1075 which they have never acknowledged except it does show on a list of my transactions. According to their own rules they should have first returned $75 to the bank and then $1000 by check to me. They did not do that. Instead they apparently just tally up when they want to and theoretically send you a check for the difference of deposits and withdrawals.

I have sent four e-mails without any response - supposedly a check for $250 is in the mail. Which brings me to another complaint - they have an archaic system to verify (read that 'stall payments')your deposit/bankcard information. You are supposed to Fax and then mail copies of your bankcard and picture ID to them. They haven't heard of PIN's or other means to verify.

My request for a withdrawal made on 4/30 or 5/1 was finally changed fron 'Pending' to 'Processed' on 5/12 and then only for $250. I've yet to see anything.

Finally, everyone should know that the 'bonuses' given by this and most on-line casinos are a hoax. They control the games you play after receiving a bonus so that you cannot win. They would probably deny this, but it is true.

Another gimmick is the free play site is very generous with winnings so they can suck you in for the real money.

Thanks, but no thanks - I'll stick to the legitimate casinos in Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City from now on.
Gordon, this VPC site has been the subject of complaints before.

Don't give up on online gaming - there are good, safe sites out there but increasingly you have to be extremely careful in your selection of venues in order to find the good guys. Roll on regulation!

Hanging out here and on other really good boards helps, and the Online Players' Association is generally a good outfit for suggestions, too.

Most of the better casinos don't offer over-generous bonuses and consequently honor what they do offer in a professional way.

Good luck!
Hi Gordon,

Videopokerclssic has been a thorn in my side. They have been the subject of many complaints like yours and it's a shame that you didn't check out Casinomeister before your crappy experience. There are many legit online casinos that provide what they claim, a safe enjoyable pleasurable experience; fair games and solid customer service. The casinos that are listed in our reputable casino section are an example of these.

I'll contact VPC to see what they have to say about this.

I just received a check for $275.00 from a VPC cashout. I sent a few emails, but after I sent them my identification they sent the check within a week!
Just to follow up on my last post (dated May 14th). They never responded to my email...such stellar customer service.


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