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Apr 15, 2004
I really hate to communicate via Casino Rewards Group,
1) When they don't know or when it is something about bonuses, etc:
They will ignore you
2) When i reported about spamming, CS made everything wrong, and unsuscribe all my promo offers/emails. Finally their affiliate manager state me, what is going on:
From: x
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 1:52 AM
Subject: Do you control your affiliates at all??

Hi There

After long break, someone spam your Casino at our forum.
Well, that is not a news, but fake - "skin" site is serious problem.

Spammer have following site:

Following link at "Lucky Stripes Casino"-site
Outdated URL (Invalid)

And own support address:

Actual site:
Lucky Stripes Casino =



From: "Renee," <>
To: X
Subject: RE: Do you control your affiliates at all??
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 12:00:52 +1100

Hi X

Thanks for your email! Actually it’s not that this guy has a fake skin… this is just how he has decided to promote that particular casino… His skin might get more conversions than ours. He hasn’t gone against any terms and conditions so best of luck to him :)

If you are having any problems with spam from this particular site, please let me know and I will deal with it.


Kindest Regards

Affiliate Coordinator

Well i made enough reasearch, and .... well... They don't care.
Actually they don't know words like: "Good business practice"

After all...

For Every Online casinos.

You don't need to build wonderful $100.000.000,00 Casinos, etc, etc. etc
You don't need so much employees, etc. And almost everthing is automatic.

Come on... there are only few casinos like iNetBet and 32Red, who still know that there are players - who want to play... and those are not "computers". it is our entertainment. If you just want to get lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, then contatc O. Curran / W. Cloud, thanks ;)
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Nah, nevermind.... like Bryan said: "Welcome to the Twilight Zone" ;)
Weird people, all around....
including me :D ....

This is Online Casino Business :thumbsup:

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