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Nov 21, 2004
I hit the Jackpot for $50,049.12 and send in all my documentation, yet I called concerning my cash out and Casino On Net is said my documentation has not been approved. When I emailed the Operation Department three time I have yet to receive a reply. Who can I complaint to and who control the Casinos on line? Does any have an email or address.

Please a few more details:

Were you a new player at Casino on Net?
What game did you win the jackpot on?
Were you playing with a bonus?
How long has it been since you starting trying to cash out?

FWIW, they are one of if not the largest online casinos and you do not have to worry about getting paid.

If it has been a short time since you won, i would be patient and not complain yet.
Casino On Line Compliant

I hit the JackPot on November 14, 2004 playing Mega Gold and Green. I am not a new member I have spend thousands of dollars with Casino on net, this is the only Casino online I play. I have received cash out befor for $1,000 and $800.00. Should I just wait?
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I cash out on the same day I hit November 14, 2004, and I was playing with my money.

I think Casino on net is ecogra certified, so you should contact ecogra(
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) if you have any problem. Anyway if you know that your documentation is fine, you should be patient and ask again to their costumer service to explain the problems with your documentation.
lUCKY, casino on net will pay you , if u been paid by them before you know it takes 7 days, so just be patient, you will get paid.
Since this is only on last sunday that you won, I want to know why this guy is so impatient and start complaining already??? CON payout timescale takes at least 5 or 6 days on normal payout. This guy won a jackpot so they obviously need more time to check that everything is in order. What is wrong with him? He needs the money to pay for food or what? Next time don't use your pantry money for gambling! :)
sw2003 said:
I want to know why this guy is so impatient and start complaining already???
He just won over $50K! Why do you think he's in such a hurry?! He's a holiday to book and a new car to buy!! ;)

And welcome to the forum. If you don't hear anything from CON within a few days, please contact Tex Rees at eCOGRA.
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But at the moment, I don't see this as a dispute. The casino is merely going through due dilligence. As mentioned already, this is one of the largest casinos, so there is no cash flow or rogue issue to worry about. If everything is in order, you should not have a problem. Hang tight.
CON is really slow with payouts. you will get paid though. ask specifically what is wrong with your id if it takes longer than Nov.25. I think thats enough time for the ID part to be verified.
Casino On Net Approved My Documentation

I received an email today saying my documentation been approved. Yes, I do know it is a processing time of five holding days. Yet, my problem was I was asked to scan my documentation 2 times after I had fax my documentation. I email Casino on Net several times concerning my documentation with no reply, after spending thousand of dollars with Casino On Net I would think I would get a reply. Well, Casino On Net Management send me a very professional email today and I am happy and I will recommend Casino On Net to anyone. And for all the negative reply to my compliant I do work for a living yet you would have the same concerns as me.

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