Question Comp Points with Wagering Requirements and Max bet Rule - Fair?


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I was playing at an accredited RTG casino, not going to say the name, and yes already contacted the rep :thumbsup:. Comp points had a 10x wagering requirement and a 25% max bet of bonus amount rule.

As comps fall under "Free Monies", the general terms just stated "during bonus play" for the max bet rule, whilst the comp page states comps are "converted into REAL MONEY at any time".

So just a few questions:

1) Completing the 10x wagering means, without breaking max bet, means the funds are "REAL MONEY" right?

2) The "during bonus play" terms don't explicitly state whether or not the max bet applies indefinitely. Was I suppose to implicitly assume that the rule is in place forever?

Full Disclosure:
The withdrawal before this was a manager bonus that was also declined because I played a tournament, the terms cited were not in the general terms but cleverly hidden away on separate page regarding slot tourneys. I have been away from the games for a while but these "AH-HAH GOTCHA" are getting out of hand and on my nerves. I understand max bet rule is in place to protect the casino, but I'm just a gambler, been losing at this place since 2010. Followed the rules up to a point of my understanding, but feel like it's too easy to get :xxx'd.


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Haha @rena35, you probably know what casino :p , deductive reasoning for the win :thumbsup:

Welp, my inbox says the rep read my message but no response. There's a degree of professionalism missing, a simple "I'm looking into it/ I'll get back to you" would have been nice. I mean I don't want all the bad news at once anyways :oops:.