Resolved ComeOn Casino - Delayed / Non Payment of winnings


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Aug 27, 2016
Good evening all - greetings from Melbourne , Australia.

It is with a great degree of disappointment and frustration that I need to share my very recent experience with ComeOn Casino, who I thought, up until last week, seemed to be one of the best online casino's around. Excellent customer service, quick payouts......all that seems to have changed.

I will be as detailed and as succinct as I possibly can about the drama that has unfolded.
I withdrew my winnings of $1000AUD and had this return to my casino account as I was told I needed to submit documentation to verify my identity as my withdrawals had exceeded the 2K total mark.
No problem - I promptly sent off copies of my passport, my credit card, back and front and a copy of my first page of my bank statement to also verify my address. One of these documents was rejected, the bank statement, as it was a screenshot of the first page and they considered a screenshot with transaction details blocked out insufficient and was told to resubmit a full page with only the numbers
( transactions, balances ) blocked out. Yes absolutely was my reply and this was once again promptly followed up with a new copy and all documents were 'APPROVED' as per the 'My Documents' dashboard. The only issue was, I could not seem to withdraw to the same credit card I used to deposit - it was very odd - the system did not seem to want to recognise the card for withdrawal. I once again contacted customer support and was told it was a problem on my end and instructed to clear the cache, clear cookies on my system etc etc. Nothing doing. It seems as though block has been put on this card from the casino's end.
Important to note here that I had used this card for about 6 or so deposits - a previous card, ending in 6583 had been lost a few weeks prior. There were NEVER any issues in depositing from the new card however. These cards are also attached to the same debit Visa account that I had sent in statement copies of for - the account never changed, just the card attached to it.
I then withdrew to the old card number, as although lost and deactivated, I can still accept payments into as, as mentioned, it's a debit statement account. This withdrawal was also rejected. I then thought, 'well, they have my bank account details with all documents and identity approved, they have a statement and they also have a copy of the second page of the statement showing 2 separate deposits to ComeOn Casino, Pieta, surely this should be ample for them to approve to my bank account' - nothing. This withdrawal has also been rejected. I need to stress here that ALL IDENTITY VERIFICATION DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN APPROVED.
I am getting the run around from support staff, with every day bringing a new request for a new document/statement page etc and the last straw for me was a few nights ago.
I was told on 26th August by support, that I now need to contact my bank and request a letter with verification that my previous card, ending in 6583, had been lost and replaced with the new Visa. I promptly told her that the request made no sense, was unreasonable and that given the fact I have submitted all the documents they require for verification purposes, including 2 pages of statements of the bank account I wish to withdraw to, there should be no problem nor any excuse for them not to approve and process the withdrawal. No dice - I was then quoted some T&C which in my blind rage, I did not read a word of.
I am ashamed to say that at this point, I told the support agent that Come On Casino are deliberately making me jump through hoop after hoop to get my winnings, but with never any hope of actually getting them as they are asking me to submit documents I cannot obtain e.g. proof of lost card. I also told the agent what Come On Casino can do with their money, anatomically speaking. Of this I am not proud - but I had been subjected to 5 days of the merry go round and I was appalled to finally realise I was being treated like an idiot and being lied to and played with. I was downright angry and frustrated. as of today, I have tried to withdraw the balance once again of $1000.00AUD to my old card but hold zero hope of it being processed.

So it appears as though we're at a stalemate - $1000.00 in my ComeOn Casino account balance but no way of withdrawing

Players be careful!


Jul 24, 2011
Adelaide, South Australia.
I guess its too late to send pm to casino rep here since you have already initiated the PAB. So will have to wait then. Hope you get it sorted out through PAB with the admin. Good luck! This situation you said sounds very unusual to me. Something's not right with payment.