Come on England!!!

Why change a winning team? The team that started the Semi Final and the Quarter Final before it should be rewarded as being the first 11 starting the final on Sunday.

Hemp's link up play with Russo was outstanding against Australia. Hemp winning the ball, then with a sublime piece of skill to find Russo, that pass was absolutely top draw stuff. Quality!

I wouldn't want anyone to replace either of them in their current form.
Look, you won the netball world final against GB after losing to them in the group stage beforehand.

You retained the Ashes (with a bloody great piece of assistance from our exceptionally shitty July weather which hit 40c the year before and was 16c and wet when you lot turned up the same time this year lol.) It was drawn 2-2 but in the weather-affected test England were cruising and it would have, should have, been a rare 3-2 victory from 2-0 down. Jammy Aussies.

The soccer. After some considerable spawn in the penalty shootout against France (most exciting one I've ever seen live) you got the privilege of finally playing against a decent side like England's Lionesses in the semi. You even scored the best goal (arguably) of the whole tournament by Kerr. But quality will always tell in the end and England were superior in all areas. But a great performance overall from the Matildas.

Now you should cheer us on against Spain, we are very slight underdogs and it's always preferable to have comfort in the fact your nation was knocked out by the eventual winners. In the England men's soccer, we can testify to that.
Even your speech doesn`t change anything what can we do 🙃

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