Combo 5 scatters/(tourney) winner screen shot!


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Apr 10, 2007
somewhere... over the rainbow!
I was in total shock! All that time playing tourney's but lately all the tourneys at 3dice and I finally won one!! :D

Then when I went to post it,,, :rolleyes:I wasn't sure where!! and..
I don't want to post in both "winner" screen shots and 5 scatter 5 wilds! Plus it was a tourney! (do we need a new thread, or what?! :D j.k.) :thumbsup:

so here it is..... my first ever cash tourney win!
thanks again 3dice!
I swear I stopped breathing the last 3 minutes watching it... because the way my luck was... I thought for sure someone would snag it out from under me!:lolup: