Colosseum, Grand Hotel, Vegas7 etc refusing bonus after wagering

This to me is about trust because the casino has advertised a bonus that the player has met the wager requirements for and then refused to give it to them. I do not trust casinos that do this.

They have not even given them the chance to go back and redo the wagering they haven't counted. If that was me I would seriously consider doing a charge back - the player has complied with their part of the contract when depositing for the bonus. The casino has not.

Whatever MGS want to say about not recording the doubles as wagering is fine - however it doesn't take away from the fact that it is a wager and therefore should be included unless it's expressly excluded.
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A side note FYI... the "Gamble" feature found on certain of the Micrograming slot machines (directly analogous to the Video Poker double down) IS included in the Playcheck transactions as a wager.

Good point.
this group of casinos rocks!!

Catwomen sorry to hear you had a bad exp. with them but really they are great!! I play at vegas7 often and there VIP dep. treats me so well. back in November i cashed in 12,000 from vegas7 and hit it in my bank account 4 days later. IMO you can always count on this group for being fair.

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