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I'm not sure but I thought Colosseum Casino was on your list of reputable casinos? If we see a casino on your list and you remove it and assuming you haven't place it on the rogue list what information should we gather from this type of move? Thanks
fast eddie
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Hi Eddie,

Colosseum Casino should be back up today. I had removed this group of casinos for some communication issues - but these were resolved and it turned out there was no problem after all. But being the busy webmaster that I am, sometimes I don't get around to updating this section like I should.

If a casino is removed from the list for a serious reason, I'll let everyone know about it.

Bear in mind, this list is not exhaustive. There are a number of good casinos out there that should be on the list, it's just that we haven't sat down to have a "pow wow" of sorts. I require that the operators or their reps meet with me in person before getting on board.