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Feb 11, 2003
I deposited $200 through Citadel to Colosseum Casino. Citadel says the transaction was processed and to contact Colosseum to see what the hold-up is. Colosseum will not answer my emails. Am I out $200?
My recent Citadel deposit into Royal Plaza, another Microgaming casino, took 13 days to be credited into my players account.

Here is the email I received explaining the delay:

We like to inform you that it takes between 7-11 working days for
Citadel purchase to be credited in to your account.

Here there is the explanation of the procedure

-When a payment is being processed, it is routed to Citadel. In
real-time, Citadel runs the payment through a series of checks looking
for a history of fraud of the prospective customer. Citadel also looks
for changes in spending habits and other factors such as address cross
reference checks. Citadel also looks for other anomalies in the
transaction through its Neural Network. The results are combined in real
time, and the merchant receives a rating that indicates the probability
of fraud.

-Your bank will subsequently withdraw the money from your account and
send it to Citadel. This is why your account is debited immediately.

-Citadel will receive your money electronically from your bank
approximately 3-5 days after the
transaction was made. However, the time span will depend exclusively on
your bank.

-When ClearPay receives your deposit, it will proceed to send it to our
casino. It will take
approximately 3-5 days before the money reaches us.

-As soon as we receive the notification from the bank that your cheque
has been cleared, we will credit your account. It usually takes 5-11
business days to complete the whole transaction.

Please note that the transaction is processed on working days only. This
may be cause for further delay.

Moreover, because the casino will not have a warranty or a report for
your Citadel transaction
until the last day, we will be incapable of crediting your account in

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us on one of the Tollfree
numbers listed below. .

Best regards,


Royal Plaza Casino
Was this the first time using Citadel? Personally, I don't use it. Just Neteller. Neteller would do the same thing if there wasn't enough $$ in your Neteller account. It has to be deposited from your bank first. Once it's there, the transaction is immediate. But I'm sure most people are aware of this.
FYI - this is from Jackpots in a Flash, received a couple of days ago:

Citadel Temporary Suspension

Dear (player),

Due to ongoing technical difficulties using Citadel as a payment option, we have decided to temporarily suspend the use of Citadel.

We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience. Our recommendation is to switch to one of our other alternative payment methods. NETeller is our preferred choice. We also offer the option of using PrePaid ATM and Firepay.

If you experience any difficulty using these methods, please contact our excellent 24/7 customer support.
I got the same exact mail from another casino the other day. Sounds like Citadel is a problem.

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