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Oct 26, 2001
Ah brian I was just curious about the player maniac who posted over at winneronline almost 4 yrs. ago about being denied 1500 on rags to riches slots at intercasino. Was it ever determined if he faked the screen shot or is it legit? Ryan Hartley says he faked it as well as making a chargeback.He said he posted a pitch a bitch here about it and no help. Inquiring minds want to know.
Oh yeah he said he would post a screen shot if you email him. Wonder if you ever saw this screenshot for validating.
There have been alot of complaints between winnersonline and online blackjack guide forums about intercasino. Good news for me cause im not the only one who has a problem with them. Alot of the complaints are the same ones ive been moaning about here at casinomeister too. Im not crazy afterall.The saying goes if the majority agree then they must be right or something like that.
My "pitch a bitches" go back to December 2001. Before then, players would either email me complaints or post them in the forum.

I have nothing on this individual concerning any forged screenshots. If "maniac" has a legitimate complaint - not the "I think the software is cheating" sort of complaint, then submit it.

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