Cold Calling by Affiliate Programs


Winter is Coming!
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Mar 31, 2005
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Like me, I expect many of the 'WebHeads' here on Casinomeister get sent the odd or odd truck load of cold calling emails and the such like. Asking you, if you consider working with x y z Casino Affiliate Program.

This doesn't invariably bother me and I have started working with some programs who have reached out to me this way. ( Apart from when they start to phone me out of the blue :mad: )

However, affiliate programs please do your research and ensure your program is in a position of good standing with the iGaming Affiliate Community at large. It is a waste of your time and mine, if your program has introduced retroactive terms and conditions or runs unfair minimum deposit levels, which can and does affect the bottom line each and every month.

Further, if your casino is on a 'shit' list, especially the one run by Bryan here and I don't already work with you. Then you have absolutely ZERO, ZILCH, NADA chance of me working with you.

This applies just the same for the big boys as well as the small operators.


Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
The biggest culprit is affutd - the ex-CPAYs guys. Dodgy and pushy as all hell. I remind them to quit bothering me - and they always act astonished that I turn them down (even though I have an ancient account with them from Kiwi Casino).

There is even a section in the Reservation that addresses them.

Any casino group coming out of Israel is a not a good sign either.