Bitch and Moan Coincidence or am I being too harsh?


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Jun 27, 2011
With all the discussions about (random?) online poker, I thought you would like to comment on the following:

Having played online for over 6 years, I must admit I am a bit shell-shocked about all the bad beats and amazing runner, runner hands. But I thought this was worth commenting on. Apart from noticing when playing more than one table at a time, how I have at least a similar card on each table, this happened on Pokerstars when playing two tourneys similtaniously. (Both hands were the same on each table at the same time)

T: 407787074 ($8.80NLHE - 3k Guaranteed) and T: 427010201 ($5.50R-buy - 15k Guaranteed)

Both hands were 77 and the very next hand 84.

I would like to know the odds?


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Jan 13, 2011
i don't know what the odds of above is. you would probably be better of asking wiz @ However after more than 2 million hands online i can tell you anything can happen. I've seen same hand at up to 4 tables at the same time (same suit, order and values of both dealt cards). And I can tell you with utmost certainty that there are basically NO rigged poker sites especially the big ones (FT/STARS/PARTY)..

With that said. Bad poker players (with bad bankroll management) will always lose, whine and insist that "the poker guys" do have a doom button they switch on every now and then just to F*** with you. Good players will always keep on winning, laughing and take the bad poker players money. In the long run that is. This is why the industry is dying.

So to the conclusion; maybe it is about time that the poker industry start realizing that in order to get the fish back in the game maybe they should rig it... :thumbsup: