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Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
Just revisiting this thread from this past summer - wow! The total amount exceeded the goal of $5,000 ($5,278.00) with 50 backers - many of whom came from this community. A huge thank you! I received an email from the co-founder during the Christmas break:
Dear Bryan,

We are fortunate to have such amazing funders, supporters and collaborators like you and we thank you for your kind and generous effort in helping us work for such an important cause (INUA KIKE)… We thank all our partners for coming through especially during the difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic and made the impossible possible.
On this festive occasion, we are sending our warm wishes to you and all those you linked to either directly or indirectly a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

King Regards,
Susan Osiche
Founder/ Director
Inua Kike Organization
Just goes to show the impact that you - the humble forum member - can make in someone's life. :thumbsup: