Clubworld deposit problem


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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
I read Mike was unhappy with Clubworld because he had problems with his moneybookers deposit.
Well when I tried to deposit I got this message

Transaction Status: Pending
Amount: xxxx
Other Notes: 401 Cannot login: Again invalid login credentials. You have 2 more login attempt(s) left before your account is locked for security reasons

No money in my account but when I checked moneybookers the money had gone out and it stated transaction successful:eek:
So I went to live chat and they sorted it pretty quick and put the money in my account manualy but they did not know why this had happened.

Maybe this deposit problem is more than just the servers going down?
Can it be moneybookers?

OMG their slots are stuck on suck mode.
So bad that I complained and they kindly gave me a free bonus but that went the same way LOL
No features,virtualy no wins over bet size......slurp


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Feb 13, 2007
not loserland *lol*
Can it be moneybookers?

OMG their slots are stuck on suck mode.
No features,virtualy no wins over bet size......slurp

Hi Rusty!

Good to know, that i'm not alone, because the support told me, that i should contact moneybookers, because it's on me and not on their, but i can deposit my money on every another casino without any problems, so it's certainly on CWC and not on me/us!

As you said for the Slots, i 100% agree with you and so it's even good, that they closed my account now forever, because i've tried it too long and couldn't win anything, at the opposite, i lose there about $ 4,000 and i think that's really enough for only testing a Casino ;)
Only when you play with 20 cent bets, you could get a little bit up and get very much features, because this was my experience on Cleopatra's Gold, where i've played about 8 hours without any losing and my balance was the same, as i started :)

But maybe we both had only a very painful experience with higher ($ 1 or 2) bets? :D

On iNetBet i have always the feeling, that i have any chance and it takes there never a long time, to get any free spins or another feature, so i have even a chance, to get more money, as i had deposit ;)


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May 12, 2007
I've had the same problem with my last few deposits. Virtually no playing time whatsoever and not a single bonus round with Cleopatras Gold.
The slots have been playing terribly the past few times :(


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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
This isn't about depsiting problems, it's agreeing with you both about ClubUSA slots.
They are THE worse I have EVER played! Of all the many many depsoits I have made
and played there, 3 times did I ever get any playtime. They are horrible!!

I thought it was just me having numerous months of bad luck playing their slots, but
it has been them only! I get playtime (use to when was playing online) at a couple
casinos that most has deemed 'rogued', and good playtime to (and cashouts)!!


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Sep 14, 2001
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I have to agree with many of the posters in this thread... the slots at ClubUSA are like a Hoover Vacuum... they just suck the money up... :eek:

This has been going on since the first of the year... more than 6 months now... I personally am convinced that ClubUSA "adjusted" the payout percentage on their slots.

I have spoken with numerous ClubUSA players that all feel the same as I do.

Sorry ClubUSA... you used to be a really good casino... and I enjoyed playing with you.

Not anymore. :rolleyes: