WARNING ClubPlayer slow-pay/no-pay agro on $25,000 winnings


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Jan 20, 2004
A player came to us in February regarding a $25k win they had had at Club Player (clubplayercasino.com) last September (2020). It's now September 2021 and the player still hasn't received their full winnings.

As of February this year the player had only been able to get $5k out of the casino while being "advised every week that I will get my winnings". Sometimes the casino will say "documents expired" as an excuse for cancelling the player's repeated withdrawal requests, other times they'll approve the withdrawal but nothing comes of it and the player receives no money.

The last payment the player received -- a good one, bringing the total owed to about half of the original -- was back in March, that's six months ago. Nothing since.

We tried several times to get a response from the casino regarding the player's case but they simply ignored it all.

WARNING: Club Player Casino is using slow-pay tactics to effectively confiscate player winnings: no reasons given, no justification offered. In place of actual payments the casino misleads and deceives the player with false and empty promises. Players are STRONGLY advised to play elsewhere.

Clubplayercasino.com appears to be unlicensed and unregulated, meaning players have no recourse when troubles like this occur because there is no licensing body to appeal to.

PS. this Warning would have been posted ages ago but the player was worried that it might hurt their chances of getting paid. Since no payments are forthcoming the player has asked us to proceed with this Warning to alert other players to the problems they are likely to face at Club Player.
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