Club World Casino Withdrawal


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Apr 22, 2011
Just wanted to say, I cashed out on a free bonus from Club World Casino.

In learning to cashout even small amounts (under 300) I withdrew from
this friendly casino last Tuesday.

I needed to send in all info which was fine. Credit card, Verification form, etc.
I cashed out using Pay My Card which was faster than any other system
I have ever used. Being in USA has its challenges so I was happy to see
that worked. I do not know how much they send each week if you have a big

Once the payment was sent, I had my money in my bank acct in two business
days! Whoo hoo!

All during this process, Club World Casino kept me up to date with the
procedures and emailed me when my withdrawal was processed.
They were professional and answered all my questions.
I really appreciated that because sometimes you are just left in the
dark waiting and waiting.

I suspect the next time I am able to cashout out from this casino,
the process should be much quicker since they now have all my info
on file.

Thank you Club World Casino, a class act!!


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Sep 20, 2006
Hi AlmostFamous,

Congratulations on your win!

I'm glad all went smooth for you. The max cash out per week is $5000 however for any high JackPot winners we could make some arrangements.

If you will have another cash out the process shouldn't take more than 48 business hours for the pay out to get approved.

Once again good luck and happy play with ClubWorldGroup. :thumbsup:

Kind Regards,

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