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I’v been think of joining Club World Casino and I know its an accredited site, so what are “RTG” games line, and is it worth joining this site, I’ve only really played MG and Netend games, any feedback would be welcomed


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Its difficult to say whether RTG games suit you. All I can say is RTG games are usually of mid-high variance meaning on practically all slots you could easily go 400-500 spins without encountering a feature. Their slots have something special ie a Random Jackpot which normally starts from $1000 and reach $10,000 or more.

On the casino itself this is a reputable casino and if you are clean and not underage you can expect your winnings to be paid in a timely manner. There is also a rep from Club World who visits this forum frequently and she will answer all queries related to the casino.


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Some people really like the RTG games and if you want to play them Club World is probably one of the better places to do it.

That being said, if you live in a place where you have many choices I can not see why you would want to. RTG games are mostly clones of each other, very little variety and mostly very high variance (so they say).

The general consensus among European players is RTG games are pretty bad, I tend to agree.


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In my opinion, Club World is one of the most reputable RTG casinos online, and RTG slots are also enjoyable when they are in the mood to pay, lol.

There are only two basic drawbacks to these slots in my opinion:

1) The random jackpot has the effect of lowering the RTP percentage slightly, i.e., the casino uses a portion of your bet to contribute toward each slot's random jackpot. Personally, I'd prefer to play a non-random jackpot slot that pays better in the base game, but they don't offer that.

2) There is a max win rule in place on almost all their slots - I think it's something like 50,000 your line bet. So for purposes of illustration, if you were betting $0.25 (25 cents) on a slot, the most you could win on any one spin is $500, and for slots where the paytable shows you should have won more than $500, your balance simply stops growing for that spin. (Free spins and/or bonus rounds count, for this purpose, as a single spin. So even if you get the 100 free spins - for example - on Rain Dance, you can only win 50,000 line bet from these spins altogether, max.) Vulcan is an exception to this rule in that the max win on this slot is 150,000x line bet. For most players, they won't encounter this limitation; of course, when you DO, it sucks that you didn't win more.

Hope this helps.
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If you open an account with ClubWorld, you can log in in "Play for Fun" mode before you ever deposit to try the games, see what ones you like best, appropriate betsizes for your bankroll, etc. In fact, I strongly suggest you do.

If you take a bonus, be sure to read the rules. Be aware that Clubworld's bonuses are not withdrawable, and are removed on cashout. They don't convert to cash when wagering is complete like MGs for instance.