club tokyo not paying and ignoring mails


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Jan 13, 2008
listen to my story - it is awfuly sad :(
I won at club tokyo with red dog - reached 6300 when finishing my wagering.
then it took them Two months to pay me 5000 (monthly limit they claimed) just taking their time...
asking for this bill and that bill... and this is not more than 2 months old etc...
after paying the first payment they wanted a new utility bill - 2 months maximum... what a jokers...
after sending them a new one it took them 2 weeks to announce me that I will get paid !
then it took one week more to receive a message that a neteller fee was deducted off... one more week to
ask for my patience (after I mailed them).... and then a message prior to new years eve that payment will take
a little longer as they are dealing with so many transfers these days (and asked for my apologies).
not hearing from them for two days after their drinking party i mailed them and for the first time
didn't even get reply ! since then many mails were sent with no reply.
does anybody know of this casino better than I ? how can I get the money ???


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Jan 18, 2007
This outfit is a little confusing - it claims to be owned and operated by Bendice Solutions Limited but elsewhere the ownership is registered as Rio Entertainment Inc under a First Cagayan (Philipines) license.

It's also carrying that questionable "Certified by the OPA" logo.

Software is Playtech.

Here is another thread about them

Don't know how helpful it will be...


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Jan 20, 2004
June, my suggestion would be to "Pitch a Bitch" (see here).

I can tell you that there is another PAB in progress regarding Club Tokyo and as such that might be the best way to proceed with yours too.

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