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Apr 9, 2006
I am not sure if this is a major problem. I started playing with the casino about a year ago. I play very little money. I took one of their promos and did understand the terms. I hit a progessive pot of 1700 and new i could only cash out 10x my deposit of $50 which would be $500. I stopped right there and requested a withdraw. That was on the 19th of March. I had sent them a copy of my drivers license and a utility bill as requested. On the 21st I live chatted and they told me they never recieved my info. It was sent again. On the 23rd they told me I had to fill out a Withdraw application and send a copy of my credit card even though i did not make this deposit with my cc but had used it in the past. Finally on the 31st it was approved after numberous emails and live chats. I received an email that stated it would be in my neteller account within the next 3 days. On the 3rd of April it was not there so i contacted them once again. They told me that neteller was down at the time the cashiers did withdraw and it was sent Click2Pay in which i also have an account. It was not there either. I then spoke with the manager Cynthia who told me there was a problem and she would get right on it. After numberous more emails that were not answered i talked with Cynthia on the 6th and she promised me it would be in C2P within the next 8 hours. Again it was not. I talked with her on the 7th and she stated that at 12:30 pm EST they were closed at C2P as they are in Germany and could not get any info until after the weekend. That is where I am now, they state it is a problem with C2P and they will compensate me for my problems. I just found this forum and did not know to take screenshots and copy my conversations. I only copied the ones where the told me managers names to speak with. Am I getting scammed or is this a common issue and I will get my money after a lengthy period of waiting and arguing? Any info would help.

I know this sounds funny being only one day later. I got paid today. Lets see how the compensate me, I will let you know.
:thumbsup: Glad you got paid!

In my opinion club player is rogue, STAY AWAY.
They let anyone claim bonuses, they offer lots of no deposit bonuses, but you can only claim like 2 after each deposit. BUt they let you claim them anyway, and if you win sorry about your luck, if you lose no harm done. There withdraws can be time consuming like in this thread. Thats really just from what I have read over the years, but I strongley recomend you stay away.

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