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Sep 18, 2004
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Just a heads up on this one. You may get paid but you are going to have to work hard for it.

Scenario: made deposit and received first deposit bonus. Played Cleo slots and hit five pyramids! Played out way past WR and requested withdrawal (4/21) On 4/26, withdrawal was approved. I expected money would be in my Neteller same day (as with all other cashins from every casino I had played at) but it wasn't. Went to livechat and asked where is my withdrawal. Was told that I needed to contact them the next day as cashier was closed for the day.

The next day, I contacted Livechat and was told the withdrawal would be processed that day. Next day, I checked Neteller and no money received.

I contacted Live chat and asked about my withdrawal. I was told it would be processed that night.

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You are now chatting with 'Melanie'
Melanie: Hello and welcome to Club Player Casino, how can I help you?
you: Hello Melanie. This is suzecat.
Melanie: May I please have your username to better assist you ?
Melanie: Hello Susan
Melanie: How are you doing today ?
you: Hi Melanie. I am okay, and you?
Melanie: pretty good
Melanie: I have good news for you
you: Good I could use some.
Melanie: You'll get paid today
you: Really?
Melanie: I mean tonigt
Melanie: yes
you: Are you sure?
Melanie: I asked Accounting Dpt today
you: OK, I want to do something special for my mom for Mother's Day.
Melanie: o.k
you: My win is just what I needed.
Melanie: Would you like to deposit a little bit today z?
Melanie: maybe?
Melanie: and give it a try ?
you: I shouldn't deposit until I get funds to my Neteller
Melanie: why ?
you: Just being safe.
Melanie: I don't see any reason not to deposit, you don't trust us ?
you: Sure I do, I deposited already didn't I?
you: OK, maybe I can deposit $20
Melanie: is so, O.K We have to respect your decision but only one thing: We do not hold back acustomer's funds
Melanie: We always pay our customers
Melanie: you can feel free to read the forums
Melanie: we have a high reputation on the net
you: OK, OK, I know. I am a member of many forums and did my research before I deposited with you. Your reputation is excellent!
you: How many comps do you need before they can be redeemed?
Melanie: feel free to deposit so we can credit you with a bonus
Melanie: one at least
you: OK, just a second and I will deposit $20
Melanie: sure
you: Deposit made.
Melanie: o.k
Melanie: one moment please
Melanie: I just credited you with a 100% bonus
Melanie: Good luck in the casino !
you: Thank you Melanie!
Melanie: welcome anytime !

Well, of course, I checked the next day and no money deposited to my Neteller. Feeling like an ass for having fallen for the deposit scam (but not much cause only $20) I contacted Livechat.

A new person (Terry) was on live chat. She told me that the money had been sent to Neteller the previous day and she could contact them for a tran code. I told her to go ahead I would wait.

She came back after a few minutes and said they are looking up code, will contact her with it and to contact her in two hours for the code. So I get online chat at Neteller and find out that there are no open requests for codes for my account. I reiterate what casino told me and find that they should have received tran code as soon as they authorized deposit into my account. Neteller must be familiar with this stall as they told me to wait the two hours and I would probably find the deposit had just been made. I did, and it was.

I have to wonder how long it would have taken to be paid had I not stayed on top of it. Needless to say, my Club Player days are over.
Im so glad I stick to 3 or 4 top casinos. If I had a chat like that with say William Hill or Intercasino I would instantly give up online gaming forever. Unbelievable stuff Suzy!!!

Imagine going to the cage in Vegas with your $500 in chips and the cashier says: We can cash these within 2 hours, now why dont you buy in another $100 and try your luck whilst your waiting for your money.
Sister to "Palace Of Chance", dreadful RTG. Now including Blast21 in their stable, scene of the V-Day fiasco about three years ago which left many players unpaid or semi-paid. Management have "lost all records", LOL.

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Melanie: We always pay our customers

This should be "a given" and never ever verbalized by a casino rep. Whenever I hear this voiced by a casino, I get squirmish. It's like going into a restaurant and the waiter reminds you that they don't poison the food.

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