Club Fiore - anyone played there?


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Aug 16, 2002
Looking for info on 'Club Fiore' (
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). Has anyone gambled there? They seem to be quite new, but they're one of the Isle of Man-based operations, so should be pretty reputable. The software is made by 'Gambling Entertainment Technology' - never heard of them! Are they good? I went to their webpage (, I think) and they don't seem to have any other customers apart from

Opinions welcome!
Hi Shootyoudown,

You are correct stating that this casino is relatively new; been online since May 2002. From what I can accertain about this casino is that it is solid. The software has a good rep as well as the mananagent and background of this company.

I'll check if there are other casinos that run this software. Or if someone else has this info handy, (Greg? Jetset?) perhaps they could post it as well.

Shoot is correct in saying this is G.E.T. (Aussie) software. I don't have anything definite on the holding company ownership but the rumour awhile back was that the Ritz and other big money partners were involved.

The holding company is Action Online Entertainment (Isle of Man) Limited and if you go to this link and scroll down Old / Expired Link you will see a truly impressive land-gambling pedigree on the managers and directors involved. This is clearly not a penny-ante outfit.

The holding company was put together by "several leading entrepreneurs in the gaming business" and enjoys Interactive Gaming Council membership.

I would say that this a pretty professional online casino with lots of redress options if a player does experience bad treatment.

The software has not only passed the stringent IOM licencing requirements but is also certified by an independent and respected testing lab called BMM International.
PS: GET (USA) was in merger negotiations recently with Innovative Gaming Corporation of America but these have been abandoned, although the two companies continue to collaborate on several deals.

The only other online casino that I can recall that used similar software was Wrest Point, where there was a collaborative effort with Access Systems I think. Wrest Point and its sister Country Club may have been casualties of that crazy anti-internet gambling Australian legislation last year.

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Thanks for the posts. May give them a go. Have been playing Ladbrokes but have concerns about micrograming after reading posts on winneronline about it all. Is MG okay? everyone seems to think its blackjack is rigged all over the place.
Lots of allegations but little in the way of substantiation, and none of the complainers to my knowledge have accepted The Gamemaster's offer to assess the transactions which they allege were the subject of "rigging" so I guess you could say that the jury is still out.

The OPA is at present working on a significant software testing and certification program which involves some impressive manpower, so testing these allegations and in fact accusations against any gambling software should be a possibility in the not too distant future assuming that the project is able to develop a credible product.

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