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Jan 21, 2003
I know there's an open thread on Club Dice but my problem is different and I'd like some advise plz

I deposited last night, played and had alot of fun. Then I tried to cash out. I rec'd a message that said I had not met the wagering requirements. I did not receive any bonus's on my deposit. I fired off an email to support, I asked why couldn't I withdraw as I did not receive a bonus. Before I did that I did a screen shot of my July transaction history, it only shows my deposit from last night.. no bonus showing. I did receive a 100% first deposit bonus in June but I lost it all, and that shows in the June transactions

Here's the reply

Thank you for contacting Club Dice Casino.

Your file shows that you have received a bonus of $15 (wagering requirements 99 times) and also the first deposit bonus (20 times the deposit and the bonus). Therefore all together you need to wager $2,485. So far you have waged $741.52


I emailed support back asking for the date that I got the $15 bonus and telling them this was not my first deposit. So far they haven't replied. The first reply came with 2 hours, but nothing on the second one.

What should I do?? I have an awful awful feeling that the 100% bonus I received last month will have to be wagered out before I ever get to withdraw. If that's the case I won't be going there anymore
Hi Ginger,

I'm not sure about the $15 bonus, that could be a neteller or firepay bonus or something? Is that what you used for your latest deposit?

For the initial bonus, if you didn't lose every CENT of it before you deposited again, then you would need to finish that wagering before you could withdraw. I had a similar situation where I still had a buck or two left when I accepted another bonus offer there and had to finish both before I could cashout the bonus amounts. Luckily I hit 3 royals in the process!

Try this, do a cashin for a lesser amount and see if it accepts it. Keep reducing it until you find the point where it lets you withdraw some funds. Then you can use the rest to wager some more and see if you meet the requirements. It is automated there, the computer keeps track of how much you've done and need to do so it will tell you as soon as you attempt a cashin if its ok or not. In my case, I could cashin any amounts over the bonus amount, so every time I hit the royal, I'd w/d like $1k and keep playing. They had no problem with that and payed each time in 4 days.

Watch for casinos that automatically give you a bonus on neteller or other payment method deposits. Usually, the wagering requirements on these small (10% or so) bonuses are ridiculously high and not worth it. If you get such a bonus, DON'T PLAY ANYTHING until you call support and tell them to remove it from your account. Wait until they do remove it before you play or you'll be bound by the wagering requirements.
thanks jpm, you know I'm pretty sure there wasn't even a penny in my account but I might be wrong. And those auto bonus's, I always decline them. I don't deposit much but if they tack on that 10% it ties up my deposit. And the $15, I'm thinking that was something I won from a contest at another board.

I'll try to withdraw a smaller amount like you said

thanks again

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